Wednesday, January 24, 2007

At Home

Blogger was down and everything else is still a little wonky even after restarting. Is Mercury in retrograde?

Too brisk a wind to go walking in the country today but I did go outside for a while. I made Bella go out too; just to blow the stink off her. Kenz will always go out but Bella is a fair weather cat and has to be urged to go out if it's not twenty degrees. The photo today is of Bella after she had a roll in the dust and was emerging from under the deck.

The colours in the landscape are so beautiful right now with a dusting of white snow, bright blue skies, and the yellows of dried grasses. Soon there will be those unbelievable spring greens, and then flowers. With stones large and small, driftwood, and cats, my garden is definitely at it's best in the spring when it is filled with daffodils and tulips. I can't wait for those bright colours to begin.

Music: Just Like Heaven by Katie Melua and Comfortable by John Mayer today. That's how I feel about my little space on PEI.

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