Monday, January 29, 2007

Looking At What's Real

I've been on a walking spree but in Charlottetown. Yesterday I went for a fabulous duck dinner at a friend's house and a walk on part of the trail system through Ch'town. Today I did the boardwalk off Victoria Park where lots of other people beside myself were out for a lunch hour walk. It was warmer when we left for town than it was at walk time but ok. Yesterday's weather was beautiful. A perfect winter day.

I haven't been leaving links but these are what I've been consumed with lately.

This is the line of work I have my education in and lots of work experience with and have some pretty deep feelings about. These are the most interesting pieces I've come across since I heard of the above Donna Williams when Peter Gzoski interviewed her. So fascinating! I watch the first one over and over.

Music: Some rhythm; gotta keep dancing. Mama's Chant by Nil Lara is up. I have one of theirs back there, I Will Be Free, that's pretty good too. I'm not looking it up this time. I have three songs by this woman and love her music; Ejigayehu (Gigi) Shibabaw with Kwass Meda (Soccer Field)

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