Thursday, January 25, 2007

Soft Food Blues

I am a little under the weather this evening. I had dental surgery today and am on a soft diet. What hurts the most is the soft diet. I like real food and am going to have warm (not hot) soup and yogurt for my supper. This is very hard for me.

I like the whole cooking nutritious, healthy food every day aspect of my dinner time. Even though I'm alone I cook a complete meal every night, occasionally having a simple meal involving eggs. I'm a bit lost right now. I have to open a can of soup and scoop out some yogurt. Only my kids can sort of imagine what I'm like over this. My favorite ex just left and she was going home to a dinner her husband was cooking. I was salivating as she described it.

Music: It Hurts Me Too by Keb Mo and Lucinda Williams with Hard Times Killing Floor Blues. I just discovered that every one of my playlists on Windows Media Player has disappeared. I accepted a new download of Version 11 last night and just turned it on now. What a bummer! It wiped out everything.

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