Friday, January 19, 2007

No Crowing

Ooh, those fruits, cheeses and herb crackers! I'm making a habit of it. Company does it; makes you bring out the goodies and treats.

I just had a very serious fire warning. A friend who was visiting was just leaving and a smoke alarm went off in my house. Apon investigating we found a charred mantlepiece in the room where we had, just a half hour ago, been dancing and having a wonderful visit. A Mexican "lacey" pottery candle shelter was the culprit. The heat inside got too intense and charcoal was forming. It gave me a good scare since it is only six months ago that I got this smoke alarm functional after having none for a year or two. A good warning.

Music: "Rude awakening, guess it's time we all woke up," are the lyrics from this Ron Sexsmith song, And Now The Day Is Done and Tango Till They're Sore from Tom Waits' 2000 - Live In Seattle album. Both those songs are figuring into my night.

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Smalltown RN said...

great clear....oh and sorry about the miss hap with the almost fire.....