Monday, January 15, 2007

Anticipating Weather

The above photo will never go on a photo blog but will go on this blog. It's how I found the girls when I went to bed last night. I went back downstairs to get the camera but kept the light off when I came back to take the photo. They're quite the girls!

Don't you just love the flavour of brie cheese and rosemary crackers? I'll be having a late supper tonight because of a fairly extensive visit/snack just now but that's ok. This flavour on my tongue will see me through.

I was out visiting earlier today and made plans to go hiking next week on some brand new trails which promise to be a photographer's delight.

I love my friends. Two today have made me feel sooooo good. I appreciate my good friendships more every day. To accept one person for who they are and be accepted for who you are are just the basics. I celebrate my friends today and every day. We're there for one another and that is to be celebrated.

We are expecting "some weather" but the newscasters are being a little over-dramatic. I heard one say this afternoon that we were in for a "big system", in very dramatic fashion. The forecast is for 15 cm (6 inches, Carol) and winds gusting up to 50 km/hr. Nothing really big but since it's only our second taste of winter it's all feeling very exciting.

We love our storm days. They are an excuse to take the day off - a mental health day. After all the drama has passed I want to snow shoe. My favorite ex (sister-in-law, sometime I'll get a cuidadopedia) wants to cross country ski so we've decided on a field where we can do it together.

Music: Canadian, Ron Sexsmith, clever and likable in God Loves Everyone and an old favorite from 1970 or '69, also Canadian, is Melanie and Beautiful People.


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Thos ekitties are so sweet.

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