Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Surprise Ending

There is a beautiful day is apon us here in PEI and instead of enjoying the fresh air, I am fulfilling my blogging obligations because once again, it is more than a week since I've posted. The truth is, I was out this morning so it is not a terrible punishment that I am enduring by staying indoors. After today's painting group I had a visit with a friend who lives in a beautiful spot but has a long driveway. The snow is slushy and I was afraid of getting stuck so walked the distance. She and her husband feed birds so chickadees met me at the first tree and accompanied me on my journey and back. It's truly beautiful in the countryside these days so it is very good to be outside taking it all in.

Sorry for the interruption though of course, you didn't know I was gone. I had some wonderful company drop in , a couple of drinks, started supper and was away from the computer for a couple of hours. During supper preparations my oregano had disappeared and I spent a long time looking for it. Found it when I was cleaning up. I have to continue giving stirs to the supper but from this moment forth, you'll never know when I've been gone.

I am still readying my computer to set up the Christmas gift from my daughter. It was a turntable that allows me to convert my vinyl to mp3 files. The fact that the Olympics are on 24/7 on one of the two channels I get has given me some extra time. I've missed Oprah and American Idol terribly but soon I will have this machine working and I am very excited about that. There is so much good music in our universe and I want to hear every bit and share some of the old songs I have that you may not be familiar with or are very, very familiar with.

To have Bonnie Raitt's first two albums, all of Joni's, Dylan's, Dan Hicks' early albums, Phoebe Snow' s, Aretha's and more albums than I can name right now available anytime I want is a dream come true. All my vinyl is sitting upstairs and I've missed it terribly. My daughter had a boyfriend a few years ago who wanted to see how turntables worked and changed the weight on mine. It is beyond my expertise to change it back to how it was.

I brought up Bonnie Raitt first because I know I have one song, That Song About the Midway, from Streetlights on mp3. I also have my favorite Phoebe Snow song. It's actually a well known Gershwin song but in my opinion it is sung best by Phoebe Snow. It is There's a Boat that's leaving Soon For New York. It is one of my top three favorites and I've featured it on this blog more than a few times.

When getting the Phoebe Snow link, I read that she suffered a brain aneurysm in January. I have to read more and find out how this has turned out. Perhaps you will too.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wonderful Winter

Where does the time go! I've not been here in more than a week. I managed to fill every minute of it with work, chores, painting, making jewelry, having visits here and there, and one trip to town. It is customarily the summer season that we're most busy and when I think of all we'll add to the mix when spring and summer come along, I wonder how I will manage. I take it one day at a time though and some night's falling into bed feels better than others.

My daughter and her beast, as well as her boyfriend, are visiting this weekend. It's wonderful to see her though she is not staying here. Only one serious mishap occurred involving the pooch and it is more my fault than the dog's. I put the cat's food bowls on the large jewelry table in the studio when the dog started to eat the cat food. I forgot to put it back on the floor for the cats. One of the cats jumped on the table through the night and knocked a whole box of earrings onto the floor. They were everywhere and hopefully there are none missing.

Winter has been extraordinarily beautiful this week. The cold temperatures of the previous week were gone and we had light snow a couple of times which made the landscape really gorgeous. We had a bit of freezing rain on Friday which covered tree branches with a thin layer of ice. Heavy frosts occurred twice this week, as well, so frosted trees greeted anyone out on early morning drives to work.

Here are a couple songs to celebrate this wonderful season. It used to be I wanted to be in warmer climates in the winter. Since my 'shoulder/arm/kidney' winter two years ago, lots of things changed about me and one is my renewed enjoyment in winter. Here's David Francey with February Morning Drive and Emily Smith with Winter Song. Both sing with Scottish accents but David came to Canada years ago so we get to claim him.

I also have a song for Valentine's Day and it is an oldie but goody. Dusty Springfield was so great in her time and I love her singing The Look of Love. Enjoy the Day.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Beans and Fishcakes

It's high time I checked in with my old faithful friends. I'm not sure how I maintained it before, writing every day, but I'm certainly not able to do it any more. I'm having a wonderfully cre8ive winter and am dancing with the muse or whatever it is that ever keeps me feeling this way. Part time work and part time art making is perfect though I must live on a shoestring.

The weather's been very cold so people aren't out walking, snowshoeing, skiing, or enjoying outdoor skating. I think people would like to be though there can be all that wonderful 'tucked in by a warm fire' aspect to the cold days. A romantic image, I'm sure.

I met a friend for lunch today. We were early, about eleven. We had to wait a bit so I could have the special of fishcakes and beans. My friend wanted bacon and eggs. At about eleven thirty, our waitress started a CD and the first song was one by Johnny Cash. Sadly the CD turned out to be a compilation but I was thinking of the late Johnny being like beans and fishcakes or bacon and eggs - with us since early childhood, in the background, providing us with comfort. His unique voice has always been comfort food for me .

I know I played a version of Sea of Heartbreak quite recently. Here it is again, but by Johnny Cash, for the bacon and eggs, and here is Four Strong Winds, his version of Ian and Sylvia's great song, to accompany the beans and fishcakes. Because everyone knows Johnny Cash, I didn't feel I had to link his name to his website or Wiki article. I instead linked it to his YouTube version of Hurt, the most beautiful cover of another person's song that there ever was. In my humble opinion.....