Friday, February 05, 2010

Beans and Fishcakes

It's high time I checked in with my old faithful friends. I'm not sure how I maintained it before, writing every day, but I'm certainly not able to do it any more. I'm having a wonderfully cre8ive winter and am dancing with the muse or whatever it is that ever keeps me feeling this way. Part time work and part time art making is perfect though I must live on a shoestring.

The weather's been very cold so people aren't out walking, snowshoeing, skiing, or enjoying outdoor skating. I think people would like to be though there can be all that wonderful 'tucked in by a warm fire' aspect to the cold days. A romantic image, I'm sure.

I met a friend for lunch today. We were early, about eleven. We had to wait a bit so I could have the special of fishcakes and beans. My friend wanted bacon and eggs. At about eleven thirty, our waitress started a CD and the first song was one by Johnny Cash. Sadly the CD turned out to be a compilation but I was thinking of the late Johnny being like beans and fishcakes or bacon and eggs - with us since early childhood, in the background, providing us with comfort. His unique voice has always been comfort food for me .

I know I played a version of Sea of Heartbreak quite recently. Here it is again, but by Johnny Cash, for the bacon and eggs, and here is Four Strong Winds, his version of Ian and Sylvia's great song, to accompany the beans and fishcakes. Because everyone knows Johnny Cash, I didn't feel I had to link his name to his website or Wiki article. I instead linked it to his YouTube version of Hurt, the most beautiful cover of another person's song that there ever was. In my humble opinion.....

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