Saturday, May 31, 2008

Time and Time Again

I booked tickets for a three week Florida trip yesterday. I get back just before Christmas and am most excited because I'm spending time with a favorite relative. I missed a southern vacation last year and the annual trip to see my grandchildren so I look forward to getting away. I'm not at the stage of 'counting the days' as summer is coming and I don't want to hurry that away. Summer always passes much too quickly as it is.

I started my workweek on Thursday rather than Friday this week so when I woke I thought it was Sunday. Several 'Sunday things' were not happening as they should and I was a bit confused. It took me a while for me to figure out that it was Saturday. Good thing I have a sense of humour. I had planned on going to the library sale but completely forgot. Good thing I have a sense of humour.

Time seems to be the theme again. Here's Holly Golightly with a cover of The Kinks song, Time Will Tell and Patty Griffin with Time Will Do the Talking. I love that Patty Griffin!!

Today is is is Saturday.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I've been having trouble with my camera; taking photos off, putting them on to the computer. My son suggested I might have a slot on my computer to accept the camera's memory card. It does and I have a hassle free method to retrieve my photos. How handy!

When I planted the tulips in the photo, the tree there was an apple tree. The tree blew down in a November storm in the late eighties. I replanted an oak in the mid nineties. It always seems like such a surprise each spring to see these lovely red tulips to emerge from the grass.

I had an early shift and staff meeting so correct posting time is of no importance at this point. It is another reason for being late but it's a good one. I had some company too and will get to this blog job when I get to it. I'm not sure why I get stressed about what time I post. I'm often encouraged to let up on my strict schedules but find them comforting. My body works best when it does the same thing at the same time each day. We all have our individual Circadium rhythms and are less or more strict about it. But for today....

Reading back made me sound uptight - even to myself and I'm not really that strict. My life goes off schedule all the time. I just like to talk about it. Heck, the last several months for me have been about as off schedule as a person can find themselves in.

Time is what the music is about too. Chicago's famous Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is is the first thing that comes to mind and Try Me One More Time, this fabulous, folky-blues selection from David Bromberg. I've always got time for good music and love both these songs, all the time in the world to listen to music.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Late Again - Tut Tut

Update: Was feeling quite rushed writing this post. I forgot to add the link to the band and somehow lost Be Still. You now have it twice.

A late start again today. It was town day with a ton of errands some of which I didn't get to. I just add them to the next list. It was a sunny day and I just wanted to be home.

Drove by this field an hour ago and got there a couple hours too late. They take the blossoms off the tulip plants as the company is growing them for bulbs not flowers. Piles of tulip heads were sitting on the ground just barely wilted. Obviously I didn't get good photos. There were some intact fields but they were far away.

Los Lobos brings the music picks for today. I really like the band. They've been around since the late seventies and have a distinctive style. They have a Tex-Mex, Chicano rock sound and sing in both languages. La Pistola Y El Corazon is from the same titled 1988 album and Cancion del Mariachi with Antonio Banderas is from the 1995 Desperado soundtrack. Be Still was up before and is also worth a listen. Here's Be Still from another day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On Dry Land

What a surprise of an afternoon! The sun came out. It poured rain all morning. A sunny sky following that did not create a rainbow on earth but there was one in my soul. Sunshine lifts the mood perceptibly.

What I should have done with the afternoon is gone to the beach. I've been craving of it and need to get down. It has rained so much! I've enjoyed my time indoors painting and fiddling with this and that but its time for outdoors. I went to visit my elderly friend this afternoon instead which is rewarding in it's own way but does not contain a salt breeze. Somehow I need salt breezes applied directly; not from a kilometer away (as the crow flies). I have some oysters to eat that will put some sea salt and other essential sea minerals in my system.

Lets get to the music so I can get back out there.

Please substiitue the word River in these songs for Bay. There's Down to the River to Pray by Alison Krauss from the Oh, Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack and here for the second time is Down to the River by The Duhks.

Monday, May 26, 2008

At Home

I'm late starting and feeling a bit rushed. The day got away on me. I had a couple hours wait for car repairs. Had breakfast/lunch, did a couple errands and spent a ton of money, yet had so much to do at home. Chores, chores, chores. I'm tired too. This last three day shift was tough. I start five day weeks this week.

I found respite however - in my glorious garden. I have lots of flowers in bloom. Tulips and daffodils are most dense but I have irises, violets, perennial big purple bachelor button type flowers, a wild rhodendrum bush, forget-me-nots, and plants and trees leafing out everywhere. I picked several vases of flowers. I sniffed, weeded, snipped, touched, and became one with the gardens and trees. It is so beautiful this time of year. The dandelion in king in the countryside's landscape. A terrible day to forgot my camera but I did and didn't have it in the garden either so this is a photo from same time last year.

I picked a ton of asparagus too and offered some to my sister-in-law but forgot to give it to her when she left. I can't keep up with it, being the only person living here who likes it. I'll blanch and freeze some tomorrow. It will be truly appreciated at a dinner a couple months from now.

Music continues to be songs I'm trying to replace; essentials on the Cuidado music pages. It's such a pain that they were removed in the first place. I've written about The Skiffle Sessions in the past and how I found them and what they mean to me. The link has songs and there's a few more if you use the search on the upper left. Here are two replacements to show where I felt best today, at home. Here's I Wanna Go Home and Goin' Home from the remarkable, fabulous Skiffle Sessions. One of my all-time favorite albums!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Seriously Sunny

The sun is shining on Prince Edward Island. I hardly recognized it. I was starting to get wrinkles from all that rain. Tomorrow promises to be sunny and warm and I'm off. I have a serious car repair to take care of but the rest of the day will be spent OUTDOORS in the SUN!

I saw someone yesterday whom I hadn't seen in twenty-five years. Way back then, a group of us roller skated a couple of times a week. I stopped because I was pregnant with my daughter and not very good on roller skates. I haven't seen him since those roller skating days. It was really neat. He'd changed a lot but I didn't change at all. Those wrinkles he and his wife saw were caused by so much rain and will be gone tomorrow. It's nice to catch up on a whole lifetime. He and his wife were in the area looking at properties. They asked where I lived and I told them. They both shrieked. It is their dream home and they check it out every time they're in the area wondering who lives there. Now they know. I told them I'll sell in a heartbeat....

Keeping a couple of promises right now. The photo is of another rhubarb flower in a vase but not one I thought I had. I am constantly deleting photos so must have deleted the arrangement of rhubarb and lupins. If I find it I'll post it. Following Dylan's version of Gotta Serve Somebody, here's Mavis Staples fabulous, funky version. Greg Brown does a fabulous live version of Not Dark Yet that was up and quite popular here. I love how he does this song. It's more emotional than Dylan's.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bob's Day

It's Still Raining!!!!!

Is it morning again already? I'd better get accustomed to blogging in the morning. I just remembered that I am to post and it's 10:20. Even though I get up at 5:30 it doesn't quite fit with me till late afternoon. It's an important day to post though......

I'll get right to the music. It's Bob Dylan's 67th birthday today. He has been one of the greatest influences on folk, country and pop music for five decades. He deserves a post. I planned to give some interesting links and the first is what Googlesearch brought up today. The first item up was a review from The Cronicle Herald saying that Dylan had committed songacide at his concert this past Wednesday night in Halifax. That review could have been written by my youngest brother a few years ago. I took two of my kids and my two brothers to see Dylan in Moncton and we loved it but my brother did not. He'd wanted Dylan to sing his songs the same way they were recorded. He really did change them a lot. I kind of liked that and said that he could do what he wanted with his own songs. The linked article is in agreement with my bro.

Bob Dylan's own website is interesting. Until I had a look through I didn't know he had won a Pulitzer Prize. I also has a link to a gallery featuring his artwork. His tour dates show he's still very busy.

My oldest son is Dylan's biggest fan. Even one of his kids has Dylan as part of their name. Every time he could choose the topic for a paper in high school or university, it was Bob Dylan. It's certainly easy to buy gifts for him. One thing that puzzle me is this. I am a huge Waifs fan. Bob Dylan is a huge Waifs fan and had them open for him for an entire tour yet my son doesn't like the Waifs. Go figure. I can't.

I have tons of Bob Dylan albums, cassettes, cd's and files. Lots and lots to choose from if I wanted to play him all day long.....and all night long. Here are a few links from songs already featured here: Spanish Harlem Incident, Girl From the North Country, Cohen's Halleluja, Just Like a Woman, The Times We've Known, Buckets of Rain, Tough Mama, I Pity the Poor Immigrant, Blowin' In the Wind, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, The Times We've Known, Heart of Mine, Shooting Star (one of my favorites), Cold Irons Bound, Fixin' To Die, and the rest I've put up have been removed. Two additions for today are Gotta Serve Somebody from one of my favorite of his albums, Slow Train Coming. A lot of people didn't like this period of Dylan's, his religious period but I really love this album. Another favorite is Not Dark Yet. Tomorrow I'll put up these two songs by other people. Don't want them to horn in on Bob's Day

Friday, May 23, 2008

Flowers Are Sunshine

I just remembered that since I am working today, I must post in the morning. It seems unnatural to me. In the morning I read blogs and in the afternoon I write them.

After a partly sunny day yesterday, it's raining again this morning. I managed to get lots of flowers for many bouquets but promised to bring some to someone today and didn't pick them in advance. They may have to wait till tomorrow. My sister-in-law brings me a bouquet of marsh marigolds every year at this time and lo and behold yesterday was the day. The link shows last year's bouquet. She was saddened that this was the first year she didn't have a mother-in-law to bring a bouquet to. Our mother-in-law introduced those special flowers to her many years ago. They grow in very wet areas around ponds and even in ditches. I tried to transplant some around my pond but they didn't take.

I'm having trouble with my camera. It doesn't want to stay in the playback mode which is vital for moving the shots from the camera to the computer. I usually have to turn it off and on several times while getting the message that the computer is not able to retrieve the files. I surly hope it holds on because I can't afford a new camera as I have to buy gas and heating oil.

First in music, a funky dance song to illustrate a comment for Ralph. He thinks I'd be a fun party date. He's right, I am. The most common flower in PEI at the moment is the dandelion and the most common weather we've had in the last several weeks is rain. Combine the two for the next song, Dandelion Rain by Dean Fields. A song that was quite popular here but was taken down is Zoe's great version of Sunshine on a Rainy Day. Here it is again. I think that is exactly what yellow spring flowers are: sunshine on a rainy day.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


The day is full of sunshine - at long last. There are towering cumulus on the eastern horizon so we may have a thunderstorm but until then.... I will enjoy sunshine. My tulips have a disease. If you click the photo it greatly enlarges and you can see the disease. Does anyone know about it. Should I dig up affected tulips or is it caused by an insect?

I have clothes on my clothesline today. My son fixed it almost a week ago but we haven't had a day without rain since. I love the sheets on the line best but all the clothes smell so much better. I don't know if that translates to industrial cities or polluted places but the sea-filled air here is wonderful and I love it on my sheets.

The boy is sick at home with the flu today. I think it may be the first day he's ever been off sick. He went into work and got the crew started and is a phone call and short distance away if they need him. He rented three movies and has laid on the couch for the day. I've waited on him hand and foor, and made chicken, black bean, rice soup. The flu struck PEI quite late this year and has been making the rounds. It's been twenty years since I've had it and I pray I don't get it now.

After being listed in The Best Photoblogs in the World yesterday, I was listed on the front page of the e-edition of The Guardian, Charlottetown's newspaper, as well....on the same day. They listed two of my blogs, this and Shutterchance, on the left under community bloggers. Two of the other three listed are on my daily blog roll so I feel in good company but I must say I'm a bit surprised.

Music today is from a couple of Maritime singer songwriters. I may already have this song up but can't find where at the moment. If so, here it is again.... Love this Town from Joel Plaskett and I am replacing Rose Cousin's absolutely beautiful song If You Were For Me. She's from here on PEI>

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blue Lobsters and Songs and Kudos

I promised another rhubarb flower bouquet and will tomorrow but must post this photo instead today. Just moments after I posted yesterday and began stuffing cannelloni a friend dropped by. She is fishing lobster with her dad, a pretty heavy job for a woman. There are only the two of them on the boat. Whew! Anyway she brought me a big bag of lovely lobster and had in her possession this blue lobster. The buyers wouldn't buy it so she donated it to the vet college. She wasn't here long as she had to make it in before they closed. Blue Lobster are rare and I don't know much more about them than the shot explanation in the link but they're certainly cool to see in your kitchen unexpectedly.

I had an outing today. I drink and am thoroughly addicted to fresh roasted coffee and place my order in the morning. It is roasted and I pick it up, usually still warm an hour or so later. I visited a friend while I was in the neighbourhood. It's still raining. We get a couple of hours of sunshine every once in a while and it is promised today but while I was out it was raining. I got some sorely needed fresh photos. It's been hard to keep up all these photo blogs especially when I've had a physically limiting injury and all that prevented me from getting fresh photos this winter.

In the same vein, today I was listed in The Best Photo Blogs From Around the World. Pretty cool, eh? I'm listed at I Love Photo Blogs and will place a link in the sidebar in a couple of days or sooner. I'm honoured someone would think me in that vein.

For music the title song of one of the best ever albums, (not just by me but in measured lists), Blue, first by it's writer Joni Mitchell and by Sarah McLachlan is the song for today.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An early post today. Sometimes cooking is about timing and the cannelloni that I'm making today requires me to be stuffing tubes instead of blogging at the usual time.

My son who lives away bought a house in September with established gardens and is now experiencing all of the beds sprouting new growth. He doesn't know what everything coming up is but he does know he has a ton of rhubarb. He asked me if I had recipes and I am going to send him this one so thought I'd share. The recipe is for Rhubarb Torte, a delicious meringue topped dessert that is popular in the Maritimes. I love it and would not dare to make any as my son who lives with me does not like rhubarb and I'd eat the whole thing. I love it that much!

I have a friend who believes Canadians should celebrate a National Rhubarb Day. Rhubarb grows in all provinces and territories and is in the conscious memory of us all. He might have a good idea. There is a Dandelion Festival in this province so why not.... but across the country!

Rhubarb Torte

1 cup flour

1/4 tsp. salt

2 tbsp. sugar
1/2 cup soft butter


1 1/4 cup white sugar

2 tbsp. flour

3 egg yolks

1/2 cup cream or canned milk

2 1/4 cup rhubarb in 1 inch pieces


3 egg whites

1/4 cup white sugar

Crumble first 4 ingredients & press into an 8x8 pan.
Bake at 325* for 25 minutes.
Combine ingredients for filling and cook until thick and clear. Cool.
Pour over base and cover with meringue. Brown at 425* for 5 - 10 minutes. Serves 9.

It needs a bit of time as it is a 3 part recipe and you need time for the filling to cool before you put it together. I think it's worth it.

Because not everyone likes rhubarb and think it's strange, today's song is Strange Fruit from Nina Simone. Her version gives me shivers. Two more versions are from Billie Holiday and a Remix of the Billie version from Verve Remix.

The photo is of a rhubarb flower. I let one of my rhubarb plants flower every year and use the flower in an outdoor arrangement. It can't be brought into the house because of droppings that come off it but outside it is beautiful. I will put the photo of another rhubarb arrangement up tomorrow.

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's All a Riverside

We're soon going to be prunes if it doesn't dry up around here. The sun actually came out for awhile yesterday but today the heavens opened again and we've had steady rain all day with a thundershower thrown in for dramatic effect. I want to pick some flowers to replenish the vases but will have to don raincoat and boots to get out there.

I was tired today. I go up around six-thirty rather than the usual five thirty and went back to bed for a nap at nine or so. I should be back to normal tomorrow. I hope so. I want to go outside to play. The weather calls for a few showered.

Ollabelle came to mind today when thinking about what to post. Soul of a Man and Before This Time are already up. Down by the Riverside was her but is one of the removed so here it is again and new, never up is Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus. Also once up but now gone is All is Well. Maybe another day it will come here again. I like their sound a lot and any excuse....

Believe it or not, I started this at four o'clock. With a couple of phone calls and a visitor it's now 6:33. A strange day for time for many reasons.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Brain Freeze

I'm not used to writing here in the morning and find it a bit difficult. Not much happens between 5:30 am and now that is fodder to write about. I can't even talk about the weather as I've not been outside yet. It's all about the music here anyway, so I'll stick with that.

What's the connection?......the difference? Owen Roberts with Around My Thoughts and Oren Lavie with Her Morning Elegance.

I'll be back to normal tomorrow when I am here in the chair at 4:00, a normal blogging time for my brain.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Got Up This Morning

I bought a new black skirt this week. I put it on this morning and by the time I got downstairs, discovered that it is actually a magnet for cat hair. Perhaps I can give up the vacuum cleaner and just wave the skirt through each room. This is not the first time this has happened. I wish there was a way to determine beforehand whether or not material will do that.

I looked at the line-up this morning for the annual Stanfest or the Stan Rogers Folk festival held each July in Canso, Nova Scotia. I went to the festival faithfully for several years from the first one but haven't been there since 2003 because of work responsibility. I miss it so much and after seeing the line-up I ache to return.

You know how sometimes a song gets stuck in your head. I sat here last night listening to some music before I went to bed. This song, Got Up This Morning by Sage France and Jolie Holland was on the playlist I clicked on. When I woke in the night, my brain was singing it and when I got out of bed this morning there it was again. Playing it again will have it stuck there for the rest of the day or allow me to let it go. We'll see.

A playlist I've been working on this week is called Smokin' Tunes. It is 5 hours, 58 minutes, 57 seconds - pretty close to 6 hours. Now to pare it down to 80 minutes for a fabulous cd.... Any excuse to play Brandi Carlile, here's Wasted from those 6 hours and Hypnotized by Ani DeFranco, someone else it brings me pleasure to play.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Cats and Flowers

I can hardly imagine daffodils without thinking of these photos of Clarke. He was enjoying the heat from one of our first hot days two springs ago. I still miss him terribly and think of him every day.

I have another kitty here (Kenz) making it very difficult to type. The cats seem to know if I'm working or going to town. They won't leave me and want to stay close. It sometimes happens that I leave and don't come back for two or three weeks so they can never be sure if that is what is happening today or not. I've just promised her that if she lets me type, I will come home tonight but she didn't go for it. I think Kenz and Bella have abandonment issues. They were found, without a mother, before their eyes were open and want people around all the time. They love company and run to the window to see who's here if a car pulls into the driveway. Funny little critters!

A little music? How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away by Dan Hicks is the first song that comes to mind but it's been posted previously. Missing by Beck deserves a spot as does Where Do You Think You're Going by Dire Straits. Doesn't that bring you back? I was in Mexico when Communique came out. That's where it brings me back to....a hammock. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sleep Cycle Awake Cycle

I'm having one of those days where I wake up somewhere odd in my sleep cycle. I'm tired all day, half in a fog and feel like I'm still asleep all day. I nearly fell asleep in the bathtub, tried a nap after my afternoon walk and nothing helped. I know how it will play out with me. I'll wake up at about eight tonight. Luckily, I won't have trouble going to sleep again and will be fine tomorrow morning. This happens to me (I think everyone) every so often. Jet lag feels quite similar.

My meeting with Svetlana was very nice yesterday. I had meant to mention that yesterday but life took me away from blog time. She was very nice and may be moving to the Island. She was checking it out. I told her it isn't always so cold in May but she's from Russia for goodness sake.

It is cold again. It was forecast to be thirteen but it's ten and feels colder. My son is going to mow later and I have some definite yard work that I'll have to do but I'll have to take the skirt off, wear pants and bundle up to feel comfortable. Come on heat!

I have the perfect song for those days when the sleep cycle is funny. I Feel A Little Spaced Out by Os Mutantes. Check out their link and also look at their Wiki article. They're a very interesting band. I collected it a long time ago just for this feeling. Reminds me of 70's rock and roll too. I don't play much of that here. I Became Awake by The Great Lake Swimmers is fitting too. You'll find this more mellow and lovely and more like I usually feature here.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Modus Interuptus

I just read on Kat's blog how she is wanting summer. I too am aching for some heat. It's been so , so cold this last several days. I've had the heat on and after midnight tonight that is going to become very expensive. Gas is going up six cents and home heating fuel is rising an unbelievable twenty cents a liter. This is the mid-month adjustment in our govt. agency that regulates our fuel. There will be line-ups for fuel in every gas station. I'll be in one. I went to town today and am nearing empty.

A couple of weeks ago I planned to post the Chilights and Stylistics and something else came out. I'll do it today. I loved these two bands in the seventies. I had all their albums and once converted the albums to reel to reel tape. I wish I still had all of the music I had on those old reel to reel tapes...and the clubs I went to played their songs. Give a listen and see if you don't remember platform shoes and wide- legged plaid pants. I still love their music and add it to playlists quite often. I could tell you before which band sang what song but can no longer. Here's Oh Girl by the Stylistics and Have You Seen Her by The Chilights.

Goodness. Just had a beautiful interruption- an visit from a a dear friend. Will get this out now. Oops, another one hour interruption. Me, Bad!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gabbin' 'n Barbecuin'

Oh, the smells radiating from my kitchen..... Ribs again. They sure can make a house smell great. Slow cooking for hours they can keep you wanting them all day. I have dinner at it's best. My son comes home at seven or eight o'clock and on Tuesdays and Fridays, at nine or ten. The salad will be wilted and everything once hot will now be cold. I'm having plenty of asparagus these days. My son doesn't like it at all so it all goes to me. Pity!

I've had lobster for lunch today and yesterday thanks to my Mother's Day feast from Jesse. I was too tired to eat it when I came home on Sunday but it certainly made for excellent lunches. I shelled this morning's while I chatted with a friend on the phone. Delicious and satisfying is all I can say. And yum! Oh, the smells coming from my kitchen....

I'm happily anticipating meeting Svetlana from the blogging world tomorrow. We're meeting at one. I hope I'm not already tired out from a busy town morning with several stops and errands behind me. A dental appointment is right after that so I'll use that time to relax instead of over lunch. I'm delivering flowers to a friend who enjoyed the ones I dropped off for her at her workplace last week. They cheered her all week and if I can do that for her again so simply....

The music today is from Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee - Barbecue Any Old Time, It's got Po' Boy, Long Ways From Home in the chorus, kind of a jam sound with bottle percussion instruments and such. Something else from the old file, Gabbin' Blues by Big Maybelle.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Page Three

It is sunny but cold and windy, not a day in which you feel like being outside. I had three loads of laundry, cooking and cleaning enough to keep me busy. I am not caught up on computer stuff from having had my three days back at work and will for sure thing shorten out my blogroll or will never catch up. I have a few cd burns in the works and am missing regular time on that. There is a welcome transition in the job as it is only three days a week for May then five beginning in June.

I had a very hard time to start a new Putfile account. A letter number authentication was required and I couldn't see anything in the box. I've seen it happen with such programs occasionally but this was persistant. I had to partly fill out the forms each time. I called my niece to see if it was a phenomena such as the ringtone that can't be heard by adults. Niece wasn't in. I know of foreground and background recognition problems (visual, spatial, and auditory) in people and knew I didn't suffer from one until now. After trying again and again numbers and letters finally appeared. I got a pop up message saying they didn't match several times though they looked the same to me. I tried a couple like that then another and I was finally let in. Whew! New Account. I'll do the side link later tonight or tomorrow. Said niece just returned my call so I'm running late. I'm expecting company.

I wanted good music to begin a new pafe and am choosing Lila Downs. Un Poco Mas is one of my favorite of her songs and Benediction and Dream is so powerfully nice. Ralph, you've been impressed each time I've featured her. You will like this, I think. This song was in the film and on the soundtrack of Frida, of which I own a copy of each. I think I've mentioned leaving the movie vowing to get to a record store the next day. Sends shivers! I've loved everything that I've heard her do and she has different styles from Mexican Cumbias to Oaxacan folk songs to jazz to English jazz. Sings like an exotic bird.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Child's Song

My Mom and her cousin

Happy Mother's Day to all who are mothers out there. It is a hard day for some, myself included. It has been the hardest day of the year for me since my Mom died ten years ago. I always felt bad for my kids. I would be immobile except for tears for the whole day. Two years ago they convinced me to come out to brunch. There was no way I sit and cry in a restaurant full of people so I had a couple of hours tear free. I've been progressively better each year since. I decided to work today because there's no way I can sit and cry all day in the public so for at least nine hours I will control the tears.

I talked with a friend last night. He and his wife lost their seventeen year old daughter very suddenly last September and are facing "the first Mother's Day." The "first anything" is hard but Mother's Day has to be the worst. They are trying to keep it together for their sixteen year old son but are finding it very difficult.

Sentimental Heart by She and Him and the gorgeous Child's Song by Tom Rush are the songs of the day. I'm going to add two more songs today because that will bring me up to 300 songs on Page Two. It takes longer to save each song as the page gets bigger so I'm going to start a new page tomorrow. In the beginning Page One had 500 songs. When Putfile deleted most of the songs I brought it only to 400. I think 300 is more manageable so look for a new link tomorrow.
The two extra songs today are the best version ever of Cryin', the Roy Orbison classic, by Orbison and kd lang. An updated version of You're Gonna Make Your Mama Cry by The Neville Brothers. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's Suddenly Saturday

Can you take another daffodil? The weather is so cold and windy that they would probably jump back into their skins if they could. Brrr. It is going to be like this tomorrow too with the addition of rain. Next weekend is out May long weekend, the traditional time for people to open up their cottages, go camping, rafting and the like. Hopefully the weather improves a great deal before then. It's a true spring though with wild fluctuations like this; hot, cold, sunny, rainy, windy and everything in between. I even heard talk of flurries somewhere in the Maritimes tomorrow but I don't think it's here on the Island.

I am meeting a fellow blogger on Wednesday. She is Svetlana from Russia but I think she lives in BC. I think that's pretty cool. On my Shutterchance blog it is almost a regular activity, people meeting up and sharing a photo day. Svetlana is not from Shutterchance but takes part in the daily photo memes that are listed in the links on my Photos and Pursuits blog where I do the same.

I promised Loudon Wainwright III. I'm a big fan. Here's Cardboard Boxes, Living Alone, I Am The Way, and Treasure Untold. Today I'll replace one I love, After You've Gone and add one that he was quite famous for, The Swimming Song.

Friday, May 09, 2008


I will be working at my regular blogging time some days. I'll post in the morning on those days.
It's going to bee cool and rainy for a few days so I won't be missing being outdoors so much. Bella was enjoying herself in the above photo. I love how cats pretend they're hiding when they are in plain view.

I had Rufus a couple of days ago and now it's sister Martha Wainwright's turn. I like her so much. I like her father, Loudon, as anyone who reads this blog knows, and she reminds me of him in her voice tone though it is a girl's voice. I think she's a great talent. She has a new album coming out soon too. Today I will replace her essential song These Flowers and add Who Was I Kidding. This good for a listen too: Whither Must I Wonder. I'll put some Loudon up soon.

My son just called to say he'd made reservations for Mother's Day brunch. He didn't realize I was working. He's pretty disappointed and trying to find someone to replace his mother as this brunch is something to look forward to. I'll be bringing home the bacon rather than eating it this year.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Growing Grass

I'm expecting visitors any minute so this may be in parts. We've had rain since afternoon and it's a bit welcome actually. It's keeping me indoors. I'm still finishing up on some projects. Normally my studio is an active place but with all of the events of this winter it has become a catch all that must be cleaned out. I sure can put off things.

My son can too. I've asked him to take over lawn mowing this year. The grass is ready to be mowed but now we're getting a couple of days rain which will make it grow like crazy. The photo above is from last evening. Everything is green or yellow in my yard. Amazing how fast things grow and take over.

Louis Jordon is bringing the music today. My favorite of his songs, Is You Is Or Is You My Baby is popular here with 235 plays already. Then there's The Green Grass Grows All Around, and Baby It's Cold Outside, For today there's Five Guys Named Moe and Louis Jordan with Louis Armstrong with Life Is So Peculiar.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rufus Day

I love these backlit daffodils. I got several shots and like them all.

I've been super busy and am short on time again. I start working full time on Friday and am preparing things, finishing jobs, doing laundry, sewing, ironing, cleaning, all sorts of things that are making me busy. Whew!, getting ready for the big whew!! I'm working at least 45 hours a week and walk more than 8 kilometers each shift. My pedometer stops there. I'm not sure how many more I do after that.

Music, music, music. That's what it's all about. Fulfilling a request for Rufus Wainwright today. Here's :
Zing Went the Strings of My Heart,
Rules and Regulations,
Not Ready to Love,
In A Graveyard,
Gay Messiah,
Everybody Knows,
Crumb by Crumb,
I Eat Dinner (with Dido) ,
Going to a Town,

I didn't know I had so many still up. Only one, a necessity, was missing and that was Halleluja. Always a great version to hear.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My Hips Don't Lie

This was Monday morning's sunrise, passing by very quickly but awesome.

I do not like shopping for clothing but bit the bullet today. I have never liked shopping for clothes but my size changed after I turned fifty and I don't recognize my new size when it is hanging on hangers so now besides not liking it, I also find it difficult. Eighty percent of what I brought into the change rooms was too small. I've never worn such big clothes. Everything that ended up fitting looked way too big when it was on the hangers.

I'm not overweight. I actually did a Body Mass Index (BMI) test this week and it was classified as normal. It's that my shape has changed that makes the clothes come in a completely different size. I commented to my doctor about five years ago, " I could have put these boobs to better use thirty years ago..." I finally have an hourglass figure after being a stick my entire life. But what big clothes I have to wear!

Since I can't find a song called This Body, This Weight by Van Morrison has to be the song of the day. It's on the music pages already so you get at least two more. Beautiful Me is perfect too - says it all really, and a song full of pure funky soul is a bonus. It's by Shelly Bhushan and it's a fabulous song. My Hips Don't Lie by Shakira was a big hit last year and is the big hit for here today. Ha, I have the Latin version. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weather Perfection

Oh, the aroma in this house! There's a pork loin slow roasting in the oven and wow, it smells spectacular. It's a hot day (nineteen degrees Celcius, sixty-six point two American) to have the oven going but it let me spend the day outside. I'm a bit exhausted right now and need to get out of the sun and to have a break. Yes, it seems blogging is a break. I had planned to walk to the beach but the day got away on me. It was a pleasure to be here though; birds are singing and busy, frogs are singing and busy and what was I? Singing and busy as well.

I know I say this quite often but I've been listening to some great music these days. I have a regular music blogroll, three are daily and the other thirty something are once a week or whenever I get around to it. Sometimes a week will bring nothing. This week was great. I don't really want to put recent finds up and copy someone's posts so you'll just have to believe me. Some may end up here eventually.

Absolutely nothing new in the music I'm posting today. Old and familiar - essentials. Aretha with Spanish Harlem and Dylan with Spanish Harlem Incident, what can be more familiar? Here are a couple more for today: Dorado with Working Sunday, which, I'll be doing outside the home next week and something I love kd lang's vesion of, Love is Everything.

Back to the deck......

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Hoya Who

I have six pots of sweet peas planted. The benefits will be great this summer with sweet pea bouquets that spread fragrance throughout a room. The scent of certain flowers send me. Mayflowers or trailing arbutus, as it's formally known, is one of those flowers. I've not been in any woods yet to find some but their scent trigger fabulous scent memories for me. We picked them as children and when I was really young I remember people selling them door to door.

The night-scented hoya, pictured above, is another of those great scents. They can be overpowering and are sometimes, in this house. I have several and when they're healthy and blooming, which mine usually are, they can be be a little too strong. I have three in my kitchen that surround the dining area of the kitchen but for about seven inches. They will meet before the summer's over. The hoya in my studio, pictured below, has been blooming for about three months. I thought it was finished a couple of weeks ago but it took a short break and started budding again. I have them everywhere and when they're filling the house like they are now some might find the scent overpowering. I love them!

I have no idea whether this will work, I'm going to try to link to a photo of a the hoya in my studio last year. It's overexposed but if you're interested.... It may not even work.

Enfin le Printemps by Edith Piaf is perfect for today. It honours spring and so do I. I'm going back outside. I'm doing a couple of expirements. When I went into the folder for the song, her version of Besame Mucho reached out. As you may have read in this blog, it's one of my favorite songs and I have many, many versions. Here's another.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Who's Having Lobster?

I had a great afternoon. A friend was completely changing the menu for her restaurant and invited some people over to taste test for her. We ate and ate and ate, so much that there was no room left for dessert. I just walked in my door and the smell in here is heavenly. I had put frozen ribs in the oven before I left on very low heat and they are a tender mass of deliciousness.
Lobster fishers are bringing their first catches in today so some people will be having lobster for supper. I would say my ribs will be just as good as lobster.

The sunshine did not arrive today but will tomorrow. It will be warm but not hot as predicted earlier in the week but we'll take what we get. This is my last week of freedom. I start work next week though I'm not ready. I have a meeting on Monday and will find out my schedule.

Joni Mitchell is bringing us music today. One of my favorite songs of hers is Chinese Cafe from her '82 album Wild Things Run Fast. I couldn't believe that was from '82. I would have guessed '85 or '86. People's Parties from Court and Spark also fits nicely today. Every once in a while a song really hits me and I play it over and over. Wonderful Life by The Felice Brothers is the latest. I can't get enough of it. I love the song and lyrics and the vocals sound a bit like Dylan. I'd highly recommend a listen.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Sun Is Near

We are having a heavy downpour, raining harder than it has all day. By the look of the radar it will end within an hour or so, then we're in for several days of sunny, warm weather. Yeah! I love being outside this time of year.

I'm finishing up lots of paintings, varnishing more and started on others. My arm actually tires so I can't do it for hours without a break anymore. I hadn't planned on starting any new ones but if the muse is there you grab her. I was only going to start one but you need two or three going on at once to paint efficiently. That's how I work anyway. I may do a bit of jewelry too before I start back to work but I'll leave the glass commission till next winter. I have to get outside.

New Brunswick, our neighbouring province and my birthplace, is experiencing floods through much of the province. There was the current heavy rainfall, record winter snowfalls and it's an area prone to spring flooding anyway so it's quite severe. They have had this two day rain but with the expected sunshine, it will start to abate. Ian Tyson with Eighteen Inches of Rain is the perfect song and Rainy Day by Jenn Grant is pretty good too. Jenn was born here on PEI and Ian is Canadian too. They know about rain.

Goodness, both of those songs were up already. Some other Canadians ..... from the past, Melanie with Nickle Song and kd lang with The Air That I Breathe.