Thursday, May 08, 2008

Growing Grass

I'm expecting visitors any minute so this may be in parts. We've had rain since afternoon and it's a bit welcome actually. It's keeping me indoors. I'm still finishing up on some projects. Normally my studio is an active place but with all of the events of this winter it has become a catch all that must be cleaned out. I sure can put off things.

My son can too. I've asked him to take over lawn mowing this year. The grass is ready to be mowed but now we're getting a couple of days rain which will make it grow like crazy. The photo above is from last evening. Everything is green or yellow in my yard. Amazing how fast things grow and take over.

Louis Jordon is bringing the music today. My favorite of his songs, Is You Is Or Is You My Baby is popular here with 235 plays already. Then there's The Green Grass Grows All Around, and Baby It's Cold Outside, For today there's Five Guys Named Moe and Louis Jordan with Louis Armstrong with Life Is So Peculiar.


Anonymous said...

I can't get my mower to start. Iget about half a turn of the motor. the battery if full, so that isn't it. Our lawn is ridiculous long, and I'm gone all next week.

There may be alot of grass chewing for our kids this weekend..

Happy Mother's Day Eve Eve.


Cuidado said...

Get a goat. Maybe your sister-in-law can help you out there.