Friday, May 16, 2008

Cats and Flowers

I can hardly imagine daffodils without thinking of these photos of Clarke. He was enjoying the heat from one of our first hot days two springs ago. I still miss him terribly and think of him every day.

I have another kitty here (Kenz) making it very difficult to type. The cats seem to know if I'm working or going to town. They won't leave me and want to stay close. It sometimes happens that I leave and don't come back for two or three weeks so they can never be sure if that is what is happening today or not. I've just promised her that if she lets me type, I will come home tonight but she didn't go for it. I think Kenz and Bella have abandonment issues. They were found, without a mother, before their eyes were open and want people around all the time. They love company and run to the window to see who's here if a car pulls into the driveway. Funny little critters!

A little music? How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away by Dan Hicks is the first song that comes to mind but it's been posted previously. Missing by Beck deserves a spot as does Where Do You Think You're Going by Dire Straits. Doesn't that bring you back? I was in Mexico when Communique came out. That's where it brings me back to....a hammock. Enjoy!


Ralph said...

Cuidado, these pictures are priceless. Clarke looks like an old kitty who knew how to enjoy life. I wish we had a place that was safe to let our cats out, but it's way too urban around here--we lost one special little guy to the traffic and vowed that would never happen again.

The Beck: great!

nan said...

I'm with Ralph -- great photos and great tunes. Thanks for the nice lunch time treat.

Cuidado said...

Clarke was lost to a coyote. There is a rule that the cats are not allowed out at night but my niece "forgot."

The Beck is great. I like a lot of his songs. He has the rhythm.

Cuidado said...

So glad you're liking the music, Nan. The photos give me a lump in my throat. If you've ever lost a pet, I'm sure you know.