Saturday, May 31, 2008

Time and Time Again

I booked tickets for a three week Florida trip yesterday. I get back just before Christmas and am most excited because I'm spending time with a favorite relative. I missed a southern vacation last year and the annual trip to see my grandchildren so I look forward to getting away. I'm not at the stage of 'counting the days' as summer is coming and I don't want to hurry that away. Summer always passes much too quickly as it is.

I started my workweek on Thursday rather than Friday this week so when I woke I thought it was Sunday. Several 'Sunday things' were not happening as they should and I was a bit confused. It took me a while for me to figure out that it was Saturday. Good thing I have a sense of humour. I had planned on going to the library sale but completely forgot. Good thing I have a sense of humour.

Time seems to be the theme again. Here's Holly Golightly with a cover of The Kinks song, Time Will Tell and Patty Griffin with Time Will Do the Talking. I love that Patty Griffin!!

Today is is is Saturday.

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