Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Modus Interuptus

I just read on Kat's blog how she is wanting summer. I too am aching for some heat. It's been so , so cold this last several days. I've had the heat on and after midnight tonight that is going to become very expensive. Gas is going up six cents and home heating fuel is rising an unbelievable twenty cents a liter. This is the mid-month adjustment in our govt. agency that regulates our fuel. There will be line-ups for fuel in every gas station. I'll be in one. I went to town today and am nearing empty.

A couple of weeks ago I planned to post the Chilights and Stylistics and something else came out. I'll do it today. I loved these two bands in the seventies. I had all their albums and once converted the albums to reel to reel tape. I wish I still had all of the music I had on those old reel to reel tapes...and the clubs I went to played their songs. Give a listen and see if you don't remember platform shoes and wide- legged plaid pants. I still love their music and add it to playlists quite often. I could tell you before which band sang what song but can no longer. Here's Oh Girl by the Stylistics and Have You Seen Her by The Chilights.

Goodness. Just had a beautiful interruption- an visit from a a dear friend. Will get this out now. Oops, another one hour interruption. Me, Bad!


Ralph said...

I was looking forward to a report on the visit with Svetlana.

Cuidado said...

I meant to give a report too but with the interruptions. It went very well. She was friendly. She may move here....considering her options.

Anonymous said...


Kat said...

The heat was needed again this morning. The house was 61 and far too cold to sit here at the computer. Outside is warming up and will be in the mid-60's today, a heat wave of sorts.

Cuidado said...

Here it is still cold too. I had to be jacketed for my walk and had no desire to take it off half way through. Brrrr. Next we'll be plenty warm and you will never hear me complain.