Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blue Lobsters and Songs and Kudos

I promised another rhubarb flower bouquet and will tomorrow but must post this photo instead today. Just moments after I posted yesterday and began stuffing cannelloni a friend dropped by. She is fishing lobster with her dad, a pretty heavy job for a woman. There are only the two of them on the boat. Whew! Anyway she brought me a big bag of lovely lobster and had in her possession this blue lobster. The buyers wouldn't buy it so she donated it to the vet college. She wasn't here long as she had to make it in before they closed. Blue Lobster are rare and I don't know much more about them than the shot explanation in the link but they're certainly cool to see in your kitchen unexpectedly.

I had an outing today. I drink and am thoroughly addicted to fresh roasted coffee and place my order in the morning. It is roasted and I pick it up, usually still warm an hour or so later. I visited a friend while I was in the neighbourhood. It's still raining. We get a couple of hours of sunshine every once in a while and it is promised today but while I was out it was raining. I got some sorely needed fresh photos. It's been hard to keep up all these photo blogs especially when I've had a physically limiting injury and all that prevented me from getting fresh photos this winter.

In the same vein, today I was listed in The Best Photo Blogs From Around the World. Pretty cool, eh? I'm listed at I Love Photo Blogs and will place a link in the sidebar in a couple of days or sooner. I'm honoured someone would think me in that vein.

For music the title song of one of the best ever albums, (not just by me but in measured lists), Blue, first by it's writer Joni Mitchell and by Sarah McLachlan is the song for today.


Nigel Armstrong said...

Great blog.
I have created a link here on The Guardian homepage.
Please contact me if that is acceptable.

Cuidado said...

Thanks, Nigel. Chosen for listings in two places on one day is indeed an honour.

Ralph said...

Cuidado, big congrats! It's so cool to know I'm among the cognoscenti!

Nan said...

I had never seen a blue lobster until just now. Cool. And to top it off, two shades of Blue - primary and secondary by Joni and Sarah. I still like Joni's version the best - but Sarah's rendition is lovely and polished. Maybe the difference between a strong, aged whiskey and champagne. I like and have moods for both, but prefer the whiskey most of the time.
(Congratulations on the blog recognition! Your photos are indeed outstanding.)

Cuidado said...

Thank you Ralph, It's indeed a surprise and honour.

Cuidado said...

Nan, Years ago for Joni's birthday, I radio show I listened to asked people to call in with Joni stories and had an informal poll as to people's favorite Joni song. River was most favorite with Blue up there. I'm not crazy about whiskey or champagne but like beer. LOL I don't know what that says about me but I love, love, love the original by Joni. I had that album in vinyl and an eight track for the Volkswagon bus. Love it!