Monday, May 19, 2008

It's All a Riverside

We're soon going to be prunes if it doesn't dry up around here. The sun actually came out for awhile yesterday but today the heavens opened again and we've had steady rain all day with a thundershower thrown in for dramatic effect. I want to pick some flowers to replenish the vases but will have to don raincoat and boots to get out there.

I was tired today. I go up around six-thirty rather than the usual five thirty and went back to bed for a nap at nine or so. I should be back to normal tomorrow. I hope so. I want to go outside to play. The weather calls for a few showered.

Ollabelle came to mind today when thinking about what to post. Soul of a Man and Before This Time are already up. Down by the Riverside was her but is one of the removed so here it is again and new, never up is Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus. Also once up but now gone is All is Well. Maybe another day it will come here again. I like their sound a lot and any excuse....

Believe it or not, I started this at four o'clock. With a couple of phone calls and a visitor it's now 6:33. A strange day for time for many reasons.

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