Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On Dry Land

What a surprise of an afternoon! The sun came out. It poured rain all morning. A sunny sky following that did not create a rainbow on earth but there was one in my soul. Sunshine lifts the mood perceptibly.

What I should have done with the afternoon is gone to the beach. I've been craving of it and need to get down. It has rained so much! I've enjoyed my time indoors painting and fiddling with this and that but its time for outdoors. I went to visit my elderly friend this afternoon instead which is rewarding in it's own way but does not contain a salt breeze. Somehow I need salt breezes applied directly; not from a kilometer away (as the crow flies). I have some oysters to eat that will put some sea salt and other essential sea minerals in my system.

Lets get to the music so I can get back out there.

Please substiitue the word River in these songs for Bay. There's Down to the River to Pray by Alison Krauss from the Oh, Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack and here for the second time is Down to the River by The Duhks.

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