Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weather Perfection

Oh, the aroma in this house! There's a pork loin slow roasting in the oven and wow, it smells spectacular. It's a hot day (nineteen degrees Celcius, sixty-six point two American) to have the oven going but it let me spend the day outside. I'm a bit exhausted right now and need to get out of the sun and to have a break. Yes, it seems blogging is a break. I had planned to walk to the beach but the day got away on me. It was a pleasure to be here though; birds are singing and busy, frogs are singing and busy and what was I? Singing and busy as well.

I know I say this quite often but I've been listening to some great music these days. I have a regular music blogroll, three are daily and the other thirty something are once a week or whenever I get around to it. Sometimes a week will bring nothing. This week was great. I don't really want to put recent finds up and copy someone's posts so you'll just have to believe me. Some may end up here eventually.

Absolutely nothing new in the music I'm posting today. Old and familiar - essentials. Aretha with Spanish Harlem and Dylan with Spanish Harlem Incident, what can be more familiar? Here are a couple more for today: Dorado with Working Sunday, which, I'll be doing outside the home next week and something I love kd lang's vesion of, Love is Everything.

Back to the deck......


Ralph said...

Kd lang and Jane Siberry are a musical match made in heaven.

Cuidado said...

I like kd's version better than Jane's but Jane wrote a timeless song in this. Love it!