Sunday, May 25, 2008

Seriously Sunny

The sun is shining on Prince Edward Island. I hardly recognized it. I was starting to get wrinkles from all that rain. Tomorrow promises to be sunny and warm and I'm off. I have a serious car repair to take care of but the rest of the day will be spent OUTDOORS in the SUN!

I saw someone yesterday whom I hadn't seen in twenty-five years. Way back then, a group of us roller skated a couple of times a week. I stopped because I was pregnant with my daughter and not very good on roller skates. I haven't seen him since those roller skating days. It was really neat. He'd changed a lot but I didn't change at all. Those wrinkles he and his wife saw were caused by so much rain and will be gone tomorrow. It's nice to catch up on a whole lifetime. He and his wife were in the area looking at properties. They asked where I lived and I told them. They both shrieked. It is their dream home and they check it out every time they're in the area wondering who lives there. Now they know. I told them I'll sell in a heartbeat....

Keeping a couple of promises right now. The photo is of another rhubarb flower in a vase but not one I thought I had. I am constantly deleting photos so must have deleted the arrangement of rhubarb and lupins. If I find it I'll post it. Following Dylan's version of Gotta Serve Somebody, here's Mavis Staples fabulous, funky version. Greg Brown does a fabulous live version of Not Dark Yet that was up and quite popular here. I love how he does this song. It's more emotional than Dylan's.


Ralph said...

Thanks for that dramatic picture of the rhubarb. Wish I could od that with mine. And the combo of Mavis and Dylan: unbeatable. Great song!

Hope the ar work gets done OK.

Anonymous said...

So are they going to buy the house?