Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Sun Is Near

We are having a heavy downpour, raining harder than it has all day. By the look of the radar it will end within an hour or so, then we're in for several days of sunny, warm weather. Yeah! I love being outside this time of year.

I'm finishing up lots of paintings, varnishing more and started on others. My arm actually tires so I can't do it for hours without a break anymore. I hadn't planned on starting any new ones but if the muse is there you grab her. I was only going to start one but you need two or three going on at once to paint efficiently. That's how I work anyway. I may do a bit of jewelry too before I start back to work but I'll leave the glass commission till next winter. I have to get outside.

New Brunswick, our neighbouring province and my birthplace, is experiencing floods through much of the province. There was the current heavy rainfall, record winter snowfalls and it's an area prone to spring flooding anyway so it's quite severe. They have had this two day rain but with the expected sunshine, it will start to abate. Ian Tyson with Eighteen Inches of Rain is the perfect song and Rainy Day by Jenn Grant is pretty good too. Jenn was born here on PEI and Ian is Canadian too. They know about rain.

Goodness, both of those songs were up already. Some other Canadians ..... from the past, Melanie with Nickle Song and kd lang with The Air That I Breathe.


Ralph said...

So that very distincitve voice is Jenn Grant. She does a musical voice-over on a TV commercial here--since I pay as little attention as possible to commericals I can't remember the product. But I certainly know the voice.

Kd's version of Air that I
Breathe is an all time favorite!

Ralph said...
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Cuidado said...

I love everything kd lang

Kat said...

The first daffodils always seem hopeful somehow.

Cuidado said...

Don't they? It was pouring rain and very dark yesterday. I brought a bouquet to my physiotherapist which brightened the room so remarkably.

Carol Tiffin James said...

Maine got some of that flooding too, not where we live, but up north closer to Canada. I'm so glad spring is here, too, though! We're storing the snow shovels today (5/3).