Saturday, May 03, 2008

Hoya Who

I have six pots of sweet peas planted. The benefits will be great this summer with sweet pea bouquets that spread fragrance throughout a room. The scent of certain flowers send me. Mayflowers or trailing arbutus, as it's formally known, is one of those flowers. I've not been in any woods yet to find some but their scent trigger fabulous scent memories for me. We picked them as children and when I was really young I remember people selling them door to door.

The night-scented hoya, pictured above, is another of those great scents. They can be overpowering and are sometimes, in this house. I have several and when they're healthy and blooming, which mine usually are, they can be be a little too strong. I have three in my kitchen that surround the dining area of the kitchen but for about seven inches. They will meet before the summer's over. The hoya in my studio, pictured below, has been blooming for about three months. I thought it was finished a couple of weeks ago but it took a short break and started budding again. I have them everywhere and when they're filling the house like they are now some might find the scent overpowering. I love them!

I have no idea whether this will work, I'm going to try to link to a photo of a the hoya in my studio last year. It's overexposed but if you're interested.... It may not even work.

Enfin le Printemps by Edith Piaf is perfect for today. It honours spring and so do I. I'm going back outside. I'm doing a couple of expirements. When I went into the folder for the song, her version of Besame Mucho reached out. As you may have read in this blog, it's one of my favorite songs and I have many, many versions. Here's another.


Ralph said...

I was about to congratulate you for teaching this old dog a new trick--Piaf doing Besame Mucho--and then I played the song. Piaf it ain't. I thought I had just about every Piaf recording that exists and Besame Mucho isn't in my collection. Is it really in yours?

Thanks for Enfin le Printemps--wonderful. And I love those flower pics!

Cuidado said...

I wasn't sure that it was her either but that's what my file is called. It does sound a bit like her near the end but I agree, I don't think it is Edith. I have been fooled before though, not believing a song is sung by a certain someone when it really was. My answer: I don't really know.

Ralph said...

Whoever it is, it's pretty.