Monday, September 28, 2009

Paddling As Fast As I Can

My month of September has been terribly busy and that is the direct result of spending so much time at the beach this summer. I put things off at that time that I'm having to do now, as well as the usual 'getting ready for winter' chores that must be done at this time of year. Worst thing is I'm painting with oil paint indoors. I had planned to do that in the barn during the summer. I've had a headache since I opened the bottle of paint thinner.

I'm still pickling too. My daughter couldn't contemplate life without a few jars of chow chow to make it through the winter. I must admit I would like some too as I didn't make any last year. Between melamine paint, paint thinners and pickling my house is quite an odoriferous place.

I have a positively wonderful new hiking partner. We both walked individually and now are teamed up. Luckily for me she likes the same kind of hiking I do - dirt roads and forests only and lots of hills. We have either six, eight, ten, or fourteen kilometer routes that we do. We walked the fourteen km road yesterday. We aren't hampered by the weather either because she, like I , does not mind the rain.

Here's some old music for today. Remember Mott the Hoople ('69 - '74)? Their song Crossroads is significant in our forest walks. We are always coming to forks, crossroads, rights or lefts that intrigue us and my partner is up to exploring them too. Did I tell you I'm liking my new hiking partner. We're both looking for jobs so right now have plenty of time, though are willing to cut down walking hours if we'd be lucky enough to get jobs. Nine Hundred Miles by Odetta is what I felt like we walked yesterday. We walked our fourteen kilometers a half hour faster than we did the last time. The first time I stopped for photos and yesterday we booted it and I was truly exhausted for about an hour afterward.

There have been plenty of forest photos in my other blogs which are listed in the sidebar if you're interested in that sort of thing.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stung in the Sun and the Arm

Blogging this afternoon is not what I had planned. I disturbed a bumble bee's nest while I was cutting down some sumac. The bees are angry and chased me into the house. They have a sentry flying around the door and he is not letting me outside. I got one sting and slapped (most likely killed) the bee that did it. His family is buzzingly angry. I guess the sumac can wait till a freeze and I hope that by the time I finish blogger the sentry at the door will have gone.

We did our walk early today. I wanted to be soaking in the sun during this sumac job this afternoon. We've been going on roads that have thick tree canopies so you don't get much sun. We walked 9.6 km today, 8 yesterday, and will do 8 Thursday and 14 0n Saturday. I love this season for walking in the woods. The fungi are spectacular. I've had great examples on my Shutterchance blog the last few days. My favorite part of being in the woods is the smell of the ferns and today was a very ferny walk. Pure perfection!

You're going to think I've gone completely folk on you here with another old traditional folk song like Shady Grove. I haven't but this wonderful version by Laura Love deserves a listen. I've been dancing as usual and listening to all types of music, also the usual.

Sometimes I have to repeat songs on this blog in able to access them for another blog. That is the case today with A Wonderful Life by the Felice Brothers. I love the feeling of this song so much and agree with it's sentiments when I am in the woods, walking for my soul. It is not a chore to feature this song again.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Frivolties

I am struggling to remember where I found the time to post here every day. I am truly finding it difficult to get here once a week or so. I have one hour till my meatloaf is cooked to post to several blogs. It's been a busy week. Thank God It's Friday and for me that's the best night of the week.

I am overjoyed to announce that I have found a new hiking partner. We hiked a little over six kilometers today; FOURTEEN yesterday. I love it!!!! I have asked her not to stop when I stop for photos so I'm constantly working hard to catch up with her which is pure perfection when walking for fitness, as I do. We went for chanterelle mushrooms today so the pace slowed down whenever we came across a patch. It's nice to find a feed of them so late in the season. I will thoroughly enjoy them sauteed in butter, salt, and pepper accompanying the meatloaf. My son doesn't like them. This is one of those times one says, "His loss; my gain." Yum yum, yum, yum, yum.

Another great part to my walks is that I'm getting more mushroom photos. I don't know why but I've been fascinated by photos of mushrooms since I saw a wonderful Japanese site years ago about mushrooms. It is no longer on the net but I still love photos of mushrooms ans am pleased to be getting some good shots. What a weird hobby, eh?

I am still listening to a lot of folk music along with other varieties, working on the perfect folk CD. Of course, Peter, Paul and Mary are there. Did they not introduce us to folk with their famous, simple -styled songs. I'll let you go to other places to hear their music being played today to commemorate the death of Mary Travers. I will take you instead to musicians they have influenced. These are the folk musicians today. Here is Endlessly by The Cracker Cats and Pastures of Plenty by Pierce Pettis.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Folk of September

Seems like forever since I checked in here. Life is busy but life is good. There have been a few adventurous outings with friends, pickling, gardening, birthday's in the family, and a recommence of my long hilly walks.

It's a wonderful time of year. The oppressing heat and humidity of August is gone and a lot of the tourist traffic as well. I took a swim last week and knew that summer was past. The water was c o l d. The day and sun were hot, thus the need for the swim, but once I got in I wasn't long getting out, very refreshed.

I started this post this morning and got busy shortly afterward. I've worked hard on some chores outdoors and in and took the last half hour to lie in the sun and finish a book. It is 23 in the shade but my deck is hot and in the sun. I feel sun-kissed. I had dinner with friends yesterday and am having dinner with friends tomorrow night so am staying home tonight feeding just the boy and me.

I've been listening to wonderful folk songs recently. I make a CD most months with a theme of sorts. This month, it's called Folk of September. It opens with the well known, Caledonia, covered wonderfully by Ruth Notman. This woman is new to me but sounds so much like Kate Rusby that I had to verify that it was indeed, not her. Here is Caledonia and the classic Blooming Heather by Kate Rusby. Compare. They sound very much alike. I love Kate's version of Blooming Heather. It has a great male harmony singer which makes it special. This song too is on the CD.

Friday, September 04, 2009

That Friday Fondness

September has been a busy month so far but this afternoon I got some beach time. It was glorious. The water was colder than the last time I swam but a swim was just what I needed to relax and refresh. My friend and I went in at different times but did the same thing - floated and watched the clouds. It was heavenly. I think we'll have some more beach days and the water may even warm up. I think the cold is from two hurricanes blowing and raining the last two weekends.

I made pickled beets this morning and have officially slid into pickle mode. I've been given cucumbers whenever I want to pick them and that will be tomorrow. I have three batches of various pickles planned. I am making beer tomorrow as well. This is a good time of year for that too with the cooler temperatures. I have apples ripe and ready for jelly, pies and/or desserts and the garden's tomatoes are perfect for putting by. It's a busy season.

I went woods walking and picked some chanterelle mushrooms this week. I enjoyed them with steak that night and have enough for two more meals. They are so incredibly delicious. I'm later than usual foraging for them so they're past their prime in amounts still pickable. They are loved by worms and slugs as well as humans so it is always a race to see who gets them first.

What a Wonderful World is the first song I think of when I remember my lovely beach afternoon with my friend today. I've got a great version of that classic by Katie Melua and Eva Cassidy. Prince Edward Island's own, Catherine MacLellan, has a perfect song for this afternoon too. Take a Break is exactly what I did after a very busy week. I love Fridays!