Saturday, September 12, 2009

Folk of September

Seems like forever since I checked in here. Life is busy but life is good. There have been a few adventurous outings with friends, pickling, gardening, birthday's in the family, and a recommence of my long hilly walks.

It's a wonderful time of year. The oppressing heat and humidity of August is gone and a lot of the tourist traffic as well. I took a swim last week and knew that summer was past. The water was c o l d. The day and sun were hot, thus the need for the swim, but once I got in I wasn't long getting out, very refreshed.

I started this post this morning and got busy shortly afterward. I've worked hard on some chores outdoors and in and took the last half hour to lie in the sun and finish a book. It is 23 in the shade but my deck is hot and in the sun. I feel sun-kissed. I had dinner with friends yesterday and am having dinner with friends tomorrow night so am staying home tonight feeding just the boy and me.

I've been listening to wonderful folk songs recently. I make a CD most months with a theme of sorts. This month, it's called Folk of September. It opens with the well known, Caledonia, covered wonderfully by Ruth Notman. This woman is new to me but sounds so much like Kate Rusby that I had to verify that it was indeed, not her. Here is Caledonia and the classic Blooming Heather by Kate Rusby. Compare. They sound very much alike. I love Kate's version of Blooming Heather. It has a great male harmony singer which makes it special. This song too is on the CD.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ma,
S and I had fourth row seats for U2 last night. Quite a show. We both only slept for three hours, so we both feel like a bag of hammers..

Cuidado said...

I was thinking of you today when I heard the revues of the concert. You'll get lots of sleep tonight and work for only one more day. Heard the concert was great. Did you sell your other tickets?