Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stung in the Sun and the Arm

Blogging this afternoon is not what I had planned. I disturbed a bumble bee's nest while I was cutting down some sumac. The bees are angry and chased me into the house. They have a sentry flying around the door and he is not letting me outside. I got one sting and slapped (most likely killed) the bee that did it. His family is buzzingly angry. I guess the sumac can wait till a freeze and I hope that by the time I finish blogger the sentry at the door will have gone.

We did our walk early today. I wanted to be soaking in the sun during this sumac job this afternoon. We've been going on roads that have thick tree canopies so you don't get much sun. We walked 9.6 km today, 8 yesterday, and will do 8 Thursday and 14 0n Saturday. I love this season for walking in the woods. The fungi are spectacular. I've had great examples on my Shutterchance blog the last few days. My favorite part of being in the woods is the smell of the ferns and today was a very ferny walk. Pure perfection!

You're going to think I've gone completely folk on you here with another old traditional folk song like Shady Grove. I haven't but this wonderful version by Laura Love deserves a listen. I've been dancing as usual and listening to all types of music, also the usual.

Sometimes I have to repeat songs on this blog in able to access them for another blog. That is the case today with A Wonderful Life by the Felice Brothers. I love the feeling of this song so much and agree with it's sentiments when I am in the woods, walking for my soul. It is not a chore to feature this song again.


Anonymous said...

Well I was up top of a 12 foot step ladder picking apples and saw this nice big red juicy apple. The only problem was about 50 yellow jackets eating the apple beside it. When my pail was full, I moved the ladder over to where I could reach the nice big red juicy apple and snatched up off of the tree, flew down the ladder, grabbed my pail of apples, and ran like hell. I went back 20 minutes later and got my ladder.

Cuidado said...

These were persistent. I went back over and they again flew at me. A couple of hours later I started at the other end of the planting. They haven't found me yet.