Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another Birthday Girl

Today's walk was better than yesterday's in that the yappy, little dog who likes to chase my heels did so for only five minutes compared to yesterday's twenty minutes. He is smaller than my foot so I'm not really scared of him but he sure is annoying. He's a toy terrier of some sort. If he ever bites me it will be the last bite he ever takes.

I have no cold whatsoever today. It may be allergies that have been causing this occasional stuffiness. I am certainly not complaining. I love being healthy and fit and not addicted to cigarettes.

It is my favorite ex's (sister-in-law) birthday today. My sister's two days ago and another ex sister in law's at the end of last week. I always thought it was kind of neat when both of these women were sisters in law and my sister were all having birthdays in a few days.

She loves the song Halleluja so I'll add Brandi Carlile's live version to join the other versions up already. Also for the favorite ex, To Be Young by Ryan Adams.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Purple Haze

Kenz won't let me type; she wants some love. Let me get rid of her. I certainly don't deny the kitties, just have to change the time to suit my needs sometimes. There! The photo above is of last night's sky or just a moment of it. I got some other shots that look nothing like this. The colors changed dramatically over the short period of time. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Today has not been perfect. I woke up with a cold. A half a box of Kleenex kind of cold. It will probably be gone in a few days because I have a great immune system and care for it daily. PEI has been reporting the worst cold and flu season in several years and I know lots of people who have been sticken. I've been very careful. I have strong feelings about not spreading these things but have to go to town on Thursday for a very important medical appointment that has been scheduled for a long time. With our long wait times for tests and procedures, you don't simply reschedule for a little cold. I can ask for a mask.

The other day I talked about covers sometimes not being able to stand up to the writer's version of a song. Today I have an example of the opposite. Sometimes a cover is soooo great. Diana Krall and Ray Charles' version of You Don't Know Me is a real favorite of mine. It is the 8th song I uploaded in the 490 that are on the music page. I don't know if the original version is by Eddy Arnold but it's the version that brings me right back to my parents and life in the 50's or 60's, whenever it was popular; probably early 60's. It was definitely from one the albums my parents played. I've put that up today and have linked Diana and Ray's version.

Monday, February 26, 2007


Getting to the blog a little late today but for the best of reasons ......... friends. I went on a long walk where I stopped and visited (one on the side of the road, another in a driveway, and some at a nursing home) with several people. I visited with eight people during the walk, from an ex-brother-in-law to a woman whose kids were friends with mine and another who made me laugh so hard tears were coming.

When almost to my driveway on the return home I met a friend who was on her way to visit me. This was around two. Another friend dropped in at three and then another at four. We had a wonderful time together, solved at least half of the world's problems and laughed and laughed and laughed. It makes your day, it does. Spontaneous get togethers are the best kind. I had no preparations made but there are always cheese, crackers and olives in the house and always something to drink. What a great afternoon.

If including a couple of phonecalls this morning, I've had the most social of days with non-stop interactions the whole day long. The mood seemed to be catching, with everyone positive and happy to see one another. As an Islander would say, "It's been a great day all together!!"

It is my one and only sister's birthday today. I remember a huge snowstorm on her third or fourth birthday. I'm seven years older so I was ten or eleven. My dad warned us not to touch the electrical lines when we were out playing. I have a couple of sister songs, Baby Sister by Damien Rice and Oh Sister by Andrew Bird and Nora O'Connor. I hope they'll do because I used the birthday songs last week. Happy Birthday, Cath.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


I finally got to see what was involved with the glass project. A friend has put a grand addition on his house. He wants an old, very tall church window to be a centerpiece installed in a wall between the livingroom and master bedroom, directly in front of you when you enter the front door. He doesn't have a lot of money but we'll work something out. I'm just glad to be involved with some glass work. He is living away during the week and is only here on weekends so if he can get it together before I go traveling and back to work, I'll do it.

My walk today was up and down this fellow's long lane. We had some snow and heavy winds and there was no way I was going to take a chance of getting stuck in that so I hoofed it. My driveway was fine because the snow blew over. It was warm, sunny and windy and quite nice.

Putfile was having problems yesterday. I wrote of it but deleted that because I eventually got the links and song up. There is a notice about problems today so we'll see if I can get this music to you. So far, so good. One is Up. Update. All worked well today.

I'm not sure where I heard Shannon McNally. I go through a lot of music blogs, Pandora, internet radio stations and such places. She popped up from somewhere a couple of months ago and never again since then. I really liked this singer songwriter so I've played the three songs I found from the 2002 album, JukeBox Sparrow, over and over. Here are two songs from that album. Down and Dirty and Left My Heart on The Jersey Shore and here's a link to her website. I'd say she's pretty interesting and worth checking out and definitely a listen.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

There Is Always a Cliff, Sometimes Steep

The weather is really weird today. It was supposed to be fine and warm with a couple of centimeters of snow beginning to fall in late afternoon. I got up at 3:40 am. It has been flurrying ever since and now at 4:00 pm it has stopped and there are large blue sky patches. I planned on walking this afternoon but even at just below zero, it's windy and feels just too darned cold. The flurries would have been ok but wind, no. I didn't dance either. It's kind of a lazy day.

I collect songs, as you know and every now and then like to put up a few versions of the same song for your listening pleasure. Everyone brings something different to a cover. Some versions are better than the originals but some songs, no one will ever do as well as the writer. An example of that would be Joni's later version of Both Sides Now. It is a song written for an older woman, she said, and now that she's attained that status, it was perfection when she brought it out on the album of the same name. Sarah Vaughan supposedly became annoyed when Joni complemented Sarah's version many years ago, when she said that it was was written for an older woman. Sarah was somehow insulted by the comment.

Another example is the old classic, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry. I don't know anyone who can do it better than the original by Hank Williams. Here is Johnny Cash and Nick Cave that I had already uploaded and new today, a version by Southside Johnny and Little Stephen.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Bad Squirrel

About fifteen minutes ago there was a squirrel in my basement. It could still be there. I'm going to lock the cats down there directly after posting and hope to know soon after that. I have no idea how it got into my basement. They chew holes in facia boards and places like that to gain entry, I know from my workplace. I opened the outside basement door to entice it out by itself. Bella was in the basement with the dirty, ugly, birdseed stealing, rodent, at the time. The squirrel was being very noisy but it's all quiet now.

It is finally above zero and it is to remain so over the weekend. Hurrah for walking weather. I walked to the beach today but did it at a reasonable pace for a change. It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Joni Mitchell's, A Case of You, is one of my favorite songs. Today I have it here by four Canadian ladies. Diana Krall's version was already up so here's the link for that. New up today are versions by kd lang, Alison Crowe and of course, Joni herself. Would you believe I just deleted Alison's version by mistake and am now uploading it again. I have too many things going on at once but that's usually the way. May be time for a reboot.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ooh, My Hand Feels Wet

This is another of the photos I received from my Mom's cousin. This one is of my paternal grandmother and her dog, Peter. I remember Peter as a little kid. He was always glad to see us on Sundays. I love these old photos of my family. We have suitcases full but very few have been scanned. I'm very thankful for the ones that have been. The ones from this post were so great. We didn't have copies of them in the suitcases. My Dad hasn't seen them yet and he'll get a great kick out of them.

I had to have a nap today. I spent the morning in town and was driving home just before one o'clock. I became so sleepy, I almost had to pull over. I made it home, put groceries away that needed to go into the fridge and ran to the couch. Zzzzzzzzz for about an hour and popped up feeling great. It's very odd for me but things seem more odd as each day passes.

Y'all know of my love of The Waifs. They have their own indie record label, Jarrah Records. Their partner in this is John Butler (also Australian) of the John Butler Trio. I've never put John Butler up before so today is the day. Here is Treat Yo Mama and Peaches and Cream. I also have Ocean but it is instrumental (guitar) and 12 minutes 28 seconds long. Too long for sampling purposes.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Eating For One

It is still odd after cooking for large families my whole life that I now cook for only one. I don't cook any differently really, but I certainly eat differently. I cook only every couple of days and eat the same foods two or three days in a row. I like it in a way; it's less work and it certainly costs less but it is less satisfying in it's own way. I'm a pretty darned good cook and like feedback about it, which having kids and younger siblings was always built in. I miss that and it makes eating less satisfying somehow. I feel like I wasted all this good cooking but at the same time know that I deserve, more than anyone, to benefit from the skill. I do eat well!

Music: Keep the Coffee Coming is a music and more blog that I visit every day. The writer, Kat is just discovering Randy Newman. Here are a couple for her: You Can Keep You Hat On, a live version, and You've Got Friend In Me. Many people think he's corny but I really love Randy Newman. I love his voice but mostly his timing. He's a very good singer that way. He is very prolific too, very good at soundtrack writing. I must look to see if he's up to anything new. God Bless Google.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

One Year Old

I am ecstatic. I have my old version of Windows Media Player back. I really could not use the new version. My nephew is moving out west (I just packed up a bag for my daughter, LOL) and he's the last computer guy I know. He solved all of my four problems in ten minutes. He did a roll back, which I've never heard of. I am certainly glad to have the old player back. I'd made only a couple of playlists since getting the new interface.

Birthdays are in the air today. The friend who owns the candle and cernterpiece in the photo is having a birthday today and the blog has turned one year old.

I've dealt with one year olds before. They can be a bit unruly, just learning to settle into who they are with growing pains all the way. This blog is just a little slice of a little life in a big old house in a little province in a big country. I have an obsession with music and photography and the internet and it all combines to make this little slice........this blog.

One year olds also need guidance. If anyone has suggestions I'll be happy to receive them. Music requests are fun too, challenging if I'm working six days in the summer but good in the winter. I love comments and wish for more.

Music for today: Look how easy that was with the old player. Andrew Bird is singing The Happy Birthday Song. Not the one you've heard before. Song for Woody is for the other birthday today. It's from Bob Dylan and me. Putfile is just smokin' today. I've never seen it so fast.

Monday, February 19, 2007

No Drips Allowed Around Here

I have no dripping taps in my house. I'm not sure if I've ever been able to say that before. The plumber was here to replace one set of taps and fix all the others. Fabulous! To have that in all aspects of our lives would be wonderful. I guess you could but it would cost a fortune. Regular maintenence is expensive.

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are being hit very hard with a storm and we were supposed to get it too but it has somehow passed us by. It's windy and we got only a couple of flakes. It's possible that it will happen yet but I think we've missed it.

Didn't get out walking as I had to wait for the plumber (and it is windy, thus cold) so have a dancing playlist on. Here's a bit of a country sound for my sister to sway around to....The Duhks with Rock Of Ages. My father would like this song too with it's bluegrass bend. Most of Amy Winehouse's songs are dancable. I have You Know I'm No Good on the list today. She has such a rich and interesting voice. She seems much older but that could be her hard time lyrics. Good singing and rhythm nonetheless.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sedately Sunday

My cats are well trained to not go after birds. They've taken it apon themselves to keep squirrels in the same category and don't chase them either. A pity! Squirrels eat incredible amounts of seed and will chew wooden feeders to make larger holes. I got several photos today of Bella and the squirrel.

The weather has moderated for just today. It is expected to be cold again tomorrow. I took advantage of the mild weather and went for a long fast walk. Exhilarating! The robins are back in full force. I've seen several here and many on my walk today. Spring is in the air is what they say to me.

It's hard to believe there's so much good music encircling this world and that more and more is made every second. The small amount that I get to listen to is just a tiny bit in the overall amount produced. A pity! I love surrounding myself with music and love to share it so for today, just a couple of good songs. They aren't for any theme or thought...just good songs by great artists that I hope will make you feel good. One is a live version of Imagine by John Lennon. He's no longer with us but his music continues to go round and round. Neil Young is also here with a live version of Helpless.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Who's watching who?

I don't have very many photos of blue jays because they are so shy. Nuthatches and chickadees stay on the feeders when you open the door and go outside. Blue jays simply fly away. Most blue jay photos I have are taken through glass windows. A pity. They're beautiful birds.

My favorite ex is back from her Mexican vacation. I've missed her a lot. Last year she and my daughter were in Mexico together and I had to miss them both at the same time. What a difference a year makes in a person's life journey. I could go on and on here but will not.

I can smell my meat loaf cooking in the oven. There is also a potato and half a squash in the oven and I have the salad made. I've had more meat than fish this week which is unusual and a definate no no. I'll make sure I'm heavy on fish and seafood this week.

Music today: I'm still listening to ECMA music thanks to my wonderful CBC radio. I'm giving you something else though. I grew up in the 50's with Johhny Cash an everyday friend. I kind of rejected a lot of the country music that listened to while I lived with my parents till 1970 but somehow Johnny Cash remained a well-loved pleasure. I love his voice. I love his time. I love that he loves Bob Dylan and other musicians and does their songs. Long Black Veil is a favorite Dylan song of mine. I love Johnny's version (here it is) as well as Joan Osbourne's. God's Gonna Cut You Down is from Johnny's last album. I don't know who wrote the song but I sure like the way Johnny sings it.

I'm five minutes late with my meatloaf topping. I'd better get at it.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Grandma's Job

I'm still in cleaning mode and cleaned my big upstairs walk-in closet today. This big, old house can be overwhelming at times. It's a big job for just me.

It's East Coast Music Awards (ECMA's) in Halifax this weekend. I had just begun my blog when they were held here on PEI last year. The ECMA's are a really great opportunity to hear live music for a weekend in the dead of winter. They rotate between the four Atlantic Provinces, so everyone gets a turn.

Last year when we went to see Chucky Danger Band, my kids' friends, we also saw the wonderful talent, Jill Barber, doing the song, When I Make Love To You. The version I'm putting up was played live on a radio show at station CFRC. A group I don't have up from the Atlantic region is Great Big Sea. My younger kids have been to several of their celebrations such as the Great Big Picnic and The Great Big Party etc. Here they are with Scolding Wife. They're very energetic and popular in the region.

Wish I was in Halifax. My youngest son is there but he's not likely to be out there like I would. You never know though, he wasn't out last weekend and it was the Guinness World Record breaking Pub Crawl. He may be just itching. I'll give him a call now and find out.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Signs of Spring

I just lost my whole post. I have no idea how but I think Kenz' twitchy tail might have something to do with it. Here goes again but in briefer form without the details. The photo, though not very good, is of my first robin sighting of the spring. We have less snow now than before the mighty storm. New Brunswick got a terrific amount so we got off lucky.

I came across a couple of cuts by Jenny Gear the other day. She was a contestant on Canadian Idol a few years ago and hailed from Newfoundland. She was a very unusual singer and interested me from the start. She surprised and delighted me each week but got voted off before the end. One of the cuts I found was Song of Bernadette. My kids were around when I nearly wore out Famous Blue Raincoat, Jennifer Warnes' fabulous album of Leonard Cohen songs. Song of Bernadette was my favorite song on that album. Here are those two versions plus one by Aaron Neville. Heck, since I had to do this over again and had upload time, here is Jenny Gear's version of another Leonard song, Tower Of Song.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love Links

Kenz and Bella have both agreed, separately, to be my valentines. This day has brought to my ears fantastic love stories. All morning and at noon the radio was filled with these awesome or unbelievable or inspiring love stories. The one o'clock phone-in was asking for favorite love songs (this is mine) which brought more stories and then Oprah this afternoon put me over the edge. I've had fabulous love stories happen in my own life and they are what makes the world go 'round. No doubt about that.

I cleaned this window today. It was kind of an all day job as it involved washing, drying and ironing curtains and cleaning the blue blottles and heart-shaped shells and rocks that I collected over the years. I had to be careful with the hoya plant and lost only two leaves. One branch is over 15 feet long.

Some days I think I am going be taken over by hoyas. They are one plant I can certainly grow and several encircle the main rooms of my house. The one pictured below is nearly in bloom again. Early. The ones in the kitchen are the most immense but don't bloom as often as they once did. There are always cautions about repotting hoyas and the kitchen plant is a perfect example of why. They just don't like it. Hmmmmm. Maybe I'm like a hoya.

I haven't any music about hoyas but can manage a requisite version of My Funny Valentine. My favorites I don't even have on my computer but I do have a few versions in the files. This one is from Chet Baker. I had planned on the Ella version but a music blog that I read daily beat me to it. If you don't have a lover, here is something you can dance to all by your ownself. It's a great version of Moody's Mood For Love by Amy Winehouse. I can't velieve I don't have a version of this great song up already. I'll have to double check.

Being a ballad lover I have about a thousand "love songs." If you're into it here are a couple more that are already uploaded. I'm saving you the work and at the same time showcasing my favorites. Browsing the music page wil help you glean even more, maybe favorites of you own.

Here's one from kd, one from Betty and Ray, one from Ella, and another from Peggy Lee. Don't forget Phoebe Snow who is wishing what we all wish. Willie also wants to be heard, and you know we'd never forget this one by Leon Russell. This one alway confused me as being the weirdest love song but it is truly a love song and one of my favorite versions is by Maria Rita Morena. These are my four more of my favorites, 1, 2, 3 and 4. Whew!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Let's Tango - Whatever Lola Wants

We're expecting weather again; a massive storm is coming up from the US but it's uncertain at this point what PEI will be getting. At least there will be a break in the cold. Oil prices are so high and this is a big house. I've had quite enough of winter already. Bring on the daffodils. Of course there are a few plusses to winter. There are always beautiful birds at the feeders, it's absolutely gorgeous driving in the country, some bugs (earwigs) are dying in the ground, foods like soups and stews are on the menu and mosquitoes or black flies are on their annual hiatus.
Yes, we have to find beauty and gratitude even in winter.

The radio's weather forecast is now in. Tomorrow night: snow changing to ice pellets then rain at midnight. Plus one celcius by morning and windy throughout. We can take that. We'll just dance through that.

Today's music is to get those dancing shoes warmed up. It's some of what I've been dancing to. I love Gotan Project and have some of their music up already. I really like them and play them a lot. They are definitely a band I would love to see live. Today's selection is a remix of Whatever Lola Wants with Sarah Vaughan and Last Tango In Paris.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Monthly Music Stats

I didn't realize that yesterday was music stats day. It must be ok because nothing disappeared after not getting a click after 30 days.

  • Quite a few selections did not get any plays this month. Dutch Mason's Hard Times and Nine Below Zero, Midnight Special from the Skiffle Sessions, Leela James' version of A Change Is Gonna Come, Hold On, Hold On by Neko Case, Can't Get you Out Of My Mind by Sonja Kitchell, Rene Olstead's Slow Boat To China, Madeleine Peyroux's La Vie En Rose, James Brown's version of September Song, Gone Going by The Black Eyed Pesa, All Is Well by Ollabelle, Aint No Sunshine by Al Jarreau and Mark Knoppfler, Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean by Ruth Brown, Come Rain or Come Shine by Dr. John and lastly, Take Me As I Am by the October Project. Lots!
  • I Scare Myself by Dan Hicks got 20 plays as did Take Me To The River by Al Green, Cheryl Crow, BB King and Lenny Kravitz, Joy by Bettye LaVette and Just My Imagination by The Temptations.
  • Llorona by Chavela Vargas got 24 plays this month.
  • Someone To Watch Over Me by Blossom Dearie got played 26 times.
  • John Mayer's Waiting On The World To Change received 30 play.
  • Harpo's Blues by Phoebe Snow was played 34 times.
  • Our Town by Kate Rusby got 38 hits this month.
  • Don't Lie by the Black Eyed Peas has not lost it's popularity. It got 258 hits this month and has now been played 1202 times on the music page. Quite remarkable n'est pas?
Music today: I Can't Stop by Bettye LaVette. Her songs were popular this month. Only Joy got more than 20 plays but overall, she got quite a few hits. Chavela Vargas was the same; overall quite popular with only one song getting over the "20" benchmark. Today I'm adding 1994 - Maria Tepozteca.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Couch Potato

It's been a quiet day on the couch today. I can't party like I used to, heck, I can't stay up past ten like I used to. I really had fun last night, dancing and dancing but I sure am tired today after going to bed after two am.

Music for today: Whiskey for Everybody by Gary Jules and I Drink Beer (and sometimes too much) by Dan Reeder. This short post is all I can manage. I'm going back to the couch.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Waiting For Tulip Time

It is still sunny, bright and very cold. It's great traveling weather once the car is warmed up. It feels like spring is just around the corner though. The days are getting noticably longer and soon enough we'll have fresh flowers in our gardens. I had wondered a while back if the local greenhouse would be providing tulips this winter. They are and they are again wonderful. They are only $5.00 for 10 if you pick them up at the greenhouse and $7.00 or more if you pick them up from the local stores.

I've had enquiries for a glass commission. It sounds very exciting but I have to check it out and come up with an acceptable price. I'd love to do a glass commission as it's been two years since my last one. The painting is going well but I'd drop it in a minute.

I have my party shoes on for tonight, a fun sounding party with live music and lots of fine people. Music for today is party music for sure....What is Hip by Tower of Power and Can I Kick It Like That, a remix by DoppleBanger. My kids will probably like this last one; they're not much into the rest of my music.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Fondling Friday

It's Friday, my favorite day of the week. I had a visitor from away and that made it more like the Friday ritual that I loved when it was still alive. Friday Happy Hour at my house was a happening thing for a few years but slowly drifted out with everyone's changes.

I've reconnected with my genealogical expert cousin. He's actually taking some more genealogy courses at U of T. Rediscovered me through notes on a census entry. He's been sending me tons of great photos. The one above is of my great uncle and my godfather. They are all still alive. I love the guitar in this and Arthur's haircut. There is another one from that day with my father in it but I can't seem to find it. Heck I'll go look. Found it. Look at Dad and godfather, Arthur's haircuts. They were out of Brylcreme apparently. I like Dad's big ears and smile. He was having he still loves to.

I always play The Skiffle Sessions album at some point on a Friday gathering . I truly think it's the best Friday "end of the week" album ever made. There is an energy in skiffle music, especially this trio, that just brings that end of the week joyful feeling. Here's a couple more as there are several already on the music page. You have to look this time. I just had to resave the top photo. Too much work for a Friday. I can give you some help on a couple more. They're some of the first I uploaded, at the bottom of the page. For today enjoy The Outskirts of Town and Lost John. I'll eventually have the whole album up but I do love it and play songs from it in many, many playlists. Feel good and be joyful!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Always a Bit Confused About It All

Chickadee At Night

My camera is home. Hurrah! Now I'll have to get busy.

Today was town day. Appointments happen. When you live out of town and love the fact that you do, you go to town as seldom as possible. This is more so since gas has become expensive but for me it's always been a way of life. You cram as much into the day as possible and my personal benchmark is being home before Oprah. I got a lot done today and feel good about it. Bonus!

Music: In reference to the music of the last couple of days, Pattie Smith also does a cover of Prince's When Dove's Cry. I really like this song and like the varied covers. They're all different and bring their own meanings to the fairly heavy lyrics. I feel connections to so many songs. I am a collector or songs, as I have said in previous posts. One in my collection is Fever. Here's a version by Greg Brown, Ani DeFranco and Gillian Welsh.

Anyone who does any version of any song brings their own energy to that song. We can like one version better than the other and often that same version is not always and forever "the favorite". This is what I love most about music. It elicits an emotional response and emotions being what they are, the responses can change from day to day. Everyone has different taste. My brothers and sisters prefer rock and roll and country and we grew up in the same house with the same parents.

The differences of life are the best parts of life and are what should be celebrated. I'm not sure if anyone gets this.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Yesterday, immediately after publishing my post with Missing My Camera the title, a coyote walked by in front of me then by the window with the blue glass that was recently the photo on this blog and toward the road. I'm going, "Darn, no camera." I wish I could somehow share this.
I then see a truck slow down and my favorite ex was driving by and had to slow down to let the coyote pass. She came in and visited and we amazedly discussed this sight. The coyote was definitely healthy looking and not the half starved, straggley coyote that we usually see. I actually thought it was a huge very dark silver fox but it was bigger than any fox I'd ever seen. I just haven't seen coyotes look so healthy.

I'll have my camera tomorrow and promise never to forget it again. I have the photo with just my tire tracks surrounded with snowy branches. I'd have had it with NO tire tracks had I not forgotten my camera at work. It happened a couple of times in the summer too. I have to be more careful (cuidado).

I know I have someone doing Joni's Coyote but can't find it. Instead how about The Be Good Tanya's version of Prince's When Doves Cry. Also, Cold Day by Sonya Kitchell. It certainly is a cold day, not fit for wildlife. No wonder the doves have been crying.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Missing My Camera

It's even colder today. We had a high of minus 15. Thank goodness for a reliable furnace and warm food. I am grateful every day that I am not poor. I have no extra money but I get by and can afford oil and good food. Yeah!

Painting has been going well except for today. Just a clumsy, paintwise, kind of day. I have them sometimes with shaky hands that become shakier the more you think about it or days when you can't get the paint to do what you want technically. I kept at it and shouldn't have. I know I'll be fine tomorrow. It happens.

I went to Youtube to see Prince's Superbowl performance. Of course it was Prince kind of cool and I love his cool. He is truly a showman. Music today is from Prince, two good old ones that were popular in their day, Te Amo Corazon and When Doves Cry.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Blue Alert

I forgot my camera at a friend's house and miss it terribly. I feel lost. It kind of replaced cigarettes in that it was always there for something to do with my hands and concentration if I needed it. I've wanted it several times today.

Way too cold to be walking today. Sunny but windy and cooooold. Did a bunch of dancing instead and in ways, it's more fun. If the weather is fabulous walking is great but if it's too cold or damp or windy it can feel like a chore. Right now an added bonus is the music that goes with the dancing. I never really got onto the mp3 player that I bought after Christmas. I'm always photographing while I walk and the wires and earbuds were just in the way. I need a course in earbud management.

For music I have comparisons or covers, as they're commonly called. Leonard Cohen's song Blue Alert is the song. The singers are Anjani, his sometimes back-up singer and Madeleine Peyroux. Which one do you like?

I clicked this link on a blog I was reading to see a very cool wave. I'm passing it on.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday Snow

Storm watch was cancelled and we had no weather last night but had a couple of inches of snow this morning. It was nice to get out to walk in it. I should have made a snowman. It's very fluffy and pretty. My favorite ex went skiing twice today before coming to visit me. Having a bit of snow has made life soooo exciting!

It was a beef stew kind of day so that was the menu tonight. Delicious, too. Knowing I've cooked beef stew makes my daughter homesick but I talked to her a while ago. She doesn't have to see it here first. I've sent her the instructions but she hasn't attempted it yet.

I've chosen a couple of songs from Calexico for today's music. The songs are very different. Yours and Mine is from their album, Garden Ruin and is a nice quiet ballad. Alone Again Or is from the album Convict Pool and is livelier. They are diverse like that.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Thinking of spring and missing Clarke.

I don't know when I last heard music that I didn't like, song after song. A couple of months ago I had a letter and song on a weekend radio show that received a lot of response. People were sending me cd's and I received another one yesterday. It is Xavier Cugat and it is soooo bad. I haven't ever taken such a dislike to any other music. Besame Mucho, the song that started the whole thing is the best of the 26 songs and though I would listen to another one again, I would highly NOT recommend it.

We are on storm watch. I kind of doubt anything will come of it though it does feel low pressure like. On my walk today there was complete stillness and now there's a breeze. This current satelite image suggests we miss it but I'm no weather predictor. I'm all set if we do have a storm. There's never a panic if you don't smoke cigs. Oh dear, this cd is ending now with Bing Crosby singing, You'll Always Belong to My Heart. Not one already in my collection LOL.

For some good music, try Watusi Boogaloo by Willie Rosario. I'm still dancing every day and it fits the bill. El Galleton by Tempo 70 is a fast latin funk that can really get you moving.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I am back to real food tonight. I had my stitches removed today and my mouth is ok for active duty. I've had extensive bruising but no pain and everything is healing well so give me something to chew. Yeah! I've certainly missed my diet of interesting combinations and good, real food. I've had pasta for four out of the last seven nights and I'm not a pasta lover at all. Tonight I'm having a hot Indian curry and a cool (and cold) broccoli salad thingy that I made up this afternoon; and of course, REAL rice.

My walk today was good. I probably overdo it but like overdoing it so I guess that's what I'll continue to do.

The moon is full tonight. It has been amazing at five thirty am. When I open my eyes I think I've overslept because of how bright it is. The moon is shining into the window and it seems like daylight.

The music today comes the moon. Lamya, a newish find for me, sings about Pink Moon. Nate Farrar who I featured last week with Let Me Down is here with Moonlight's Just A Memory. I like his voice.