Thursday, February 15, 2007

Signs of Spring

I just lost my whole post. I have no idea how but I think Kenz' twitchy tail might have something to do with it. Here goes again but in briefer form without the details. The photo, though not very good, is of my first robin sighting of the spring. We have less snow now than before the mighty storm. New Brunswick got a terrific amount so we got off lucky.

I came across a couple of cuts by Jenny Gear the other day. She was a contestant on Canadian Idol a few years ago and hailed from Newfoundland. She was a very unusual singer and interested me from the start. She surprised and delighted me each week but got voted off before the end. One of the cuts I found was Song of Bernadette. My kids were around when I nearly wore out Famous Blue Raincoat, Jennifer Warnes' fabulous album of Leonard Cohen songs. Song of Bernadette was my favorite song on that album. Here are those two versions plus one by Aaron Neville. Heck, since I had to do this over again and had upload time, here is Jenny Gear's version of another Leonard song, Tower Of Song.

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Ocean said...

I am trying to get the plugin for the second time so I can listen to the music....starting to annoy me. I miss you and can't wait to get home and see you, less than a month!!!! Call me sometime this morning if you want. I will be leaving the house at about 10 after 10 your time....give a call, I have sooo much to tell you