Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ooh, My Hand Feels Wet

This is another of the photos I received from my Mom's cousin. This one is of my paternal grandmother and her dog, Peter. I remember Peter as a little kid. He was always glad to see us on Sundays. I love these old photos of my family. We have suitcases full but very few have been scanned. I'm very thankful for the ones that have been. The ones from this post were so great. We didn't have copies of them in the suitcases. My Dad hasn't seen them yet and he'll get a great kick out of them.

I had to have a nap today. I spent the morning in town and was driving home just before one o'clock. I became so sleepy, I almost had to pull over. I made it home, put groceries away that needed to go into the fridge and ran to the couch. Zzzzzzzzz for about an hour and popped up feeling great. It's very odd for me but things seem more odd as each day passes.

Y'all know of my love of The Waifs. They have their own indie record label, Jarrah Records. Their partner in this is John Butler (also Australian) of the John Butler Trio. I've never put John Butler up before so today is the day. Here is Treat Yo Mama and Peaches and Cream. I also have Ocean but it is instrumental (guitar) and 12 minutes 28 seconds long. Too long for sampling purposes.


Anonymous said...

Dad has this picture.
I remember seeing it.

Cuidado said...

Yes, I remember this one but not the one with the musical instruments. Dad told me that those were from before they were all married. Invite him over to show him those please.