Sunday, February 25, 2007


I finally got to see what was involved with the glass project. A friend has put a grand addition on his house. He wants an old, very tall church window to be a centerpiece installed in a wall between the livingroom and master bedroom, directly in front of you when you enter the front door. He doesn't have a lot of money but we'll work something out. I'm just glad to be involved with some glass work. He is living away during the week and is only here on weekends so if he can get it together before I go traveling and back to work, I'll do it.

My walk today was up and down this fellow's long lane. We had some snow and heavy winds and there was no way I was going to take a chance of getting stuck in that so I hoofed it. My driveway was fine because the snow blew over. It was warm, sunny and windy and quite nice.

Putfile was having problems yesterday. I wrote of it but deleted that because I eventually got the links and song up. There is a notice about problems today so we'll see if I can get this music to you. So far, so good. One is Up. Update. All worked well today.

I'm not sure where I heard Shannon McNally. I go through a lot of music blogs, Pandora, internet radio stations and such places. She popped up from somewhere a couple of months ago and never again since then. I really liked this singer songwriter so I've played the three songs I found from the 2002 album, JukeBox Sparrow, over and over. Here are two songs from that album. Down and Dirty and Left My Heart on The Jersey Shore and here's a link to her website. I'd say she's pretty interesting and worth checking out and definitely a listen.

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