Tuesday, February 20, 2007

One Year Old

I am ecstatic. I have my old version of Windows Media Player back. I really could not use the new version. My nephew is moving out west (I just packed up a bag for my daughter, LOL) and he's the last computer guy I know. He solved all of my four problems in ten minutes. He did a roll back, which I've never heard of. I am certainly glad to have the old player back. I'd made only a couple of playlists since getting the new interface.

Birthdays are in the air today. The friend who owns the candle and cernterpiece in the photo is having a birthday today and the blog has turned one year old.

I've dealt with one year olds before. They can be a bit unruly, just learning to settle into who they are with growing pains all the way. This blog is just a little slice of a little life in a big old house in a little province in a big country. I have an obsession with music and photography and the internet and it all combines to make this little slice........this blog.

One year olds also need guidance. If anyone has suggestions I'll be happy to receive them. Music requests are fun too, challenging if I'm working six days in the summer but good in the winter. I love comments and wish for more.

Music for today: Look how easy that was with the old player. Andrew Bird is singing The Happy Birthday Song. Not the one you've heard before. Song for Woody is for the other birthday today. It's from Bob Dylan and me. Putfile is just smokin' today. I've never seen it so fast.


Jesse said...

Congrats on one year Mom!

Cuidado said...

Thank you, darling.

Anonymous said...

One year olds also pee on the floor sometimes. A lesson I re-learn at least once a week.

Cuidado said...

That's funny. Yes, you would know all about one year olds.