Friday, February 02, 2007


Thinking of spring and missing Clarke.

I don't know when I last heard music that I didn't like, song after song. A couple of months ago I had a letter and song on a weekend radio show that received a lot of response. People were sending me cd's and I received another one yesterday. It is Xavier Cugat and it is soooo bad. I haven't ever taken such a dislike to any other music. Besame Mucho, the song that started the whole thing is the best of the 26 songs and though I would listen to another one again, I would highly NOT recommend it.

We are on storm watch. I kind of doubt anything will come of it though it does feel low pressure like. On my walk today there was complete stillness and now there's a breeze. This current satelite image suggests we miss it but I'm no weather predictor. I'm all set if we do have a storm. There's never a panic if you don't smoke cigs. Oh dear, this cd is ending now with Bing Crosby singing, You'll Always Belong to My Heart. Not one already in my collection LOL.

For some good music, try Watusi Boogaloo by Willie Rosario. I'm still dancing every day and it fits the bill. El Galleton by Tempo 70 is a fast latin funk that can really get you moving.

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