Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another Birthday Girl

Today's walk was better than yesterday's in that the yappy, little dog who likes to chase my heels did so for only five minutes compared to yesterday's twenty minutes. He is smaller than my foot so I'm not really scared of him but he sure is annoying. He's a toy terrier of some sort. If he ever bites me it will be the last bite he ever takes.

I have no cold whatsoever today. It may be allergies that have been causing this occasional stuffiness. I am certainly not complaining. I love being healthy and fit and not addicted to cigarettes.

It is my favorite ex's (sister-in-law) birthday today. My sister's two days ago and another ex sister in law's at the end of last week. I always thought it was kind of neat when both of these women were sisters in law and my sister were all having birthdays in a few days.

She loves the song Halleluja so I'll add Brandi Carlile's live version to join the other versions up already. Also for the favorite ex, To Be Young by Ryan Adams.

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