Monday, February 05, 2007

Blue Alert

I forgot my camera at a friend's house and miss it terribly. I feel lost. It kind of replaced cigarettes in that it was always there for something to do with my hands and concentration if I needed it. I've wanted it several times today.

Way too cold to be walking today. Sunny but windy and cooooold. Did a bunch of dancing instead and in ways, it's more fun. If the weather is fabulous walking is great but if it's too cold or damp or windy it can feel like a chore. Right now an added bonus is the music that goes with the dancing. I never really got onto the mp3 player that I bought after Christmas. I'm always photographing while I walk and the wires and earbuds were just in the way. I need a course in earbud management.

For music I have comparisons or covers, as they're commonly called. Leonard Cohen's song Blue Alert is the song. The singers are Anjani, his sometimes back-up singer and Madeleine Peyroux. Which one do you like?

I clicked this link on a blog I was reading to see a very cool wave. I'm passing it on.


Anonymous said...

I just came in from my walk and it is damn cold. shouldn't of went out but had to i was getting to bored just sitting here..
got 5 days in without a smoke, it's getting better,the first 3 days I could of ate 500 lbs of tobacco.
The biggest shock I'm not bitchy or cranky. I think it's shocking Kayla too.

Anonymous said...

If quitting smoking stopped you from being bitchy and cranky, you should have quit years ago. We all would have pitched in...
- A

Cuidado said...

Good for you Alf. You've quit long term in the past so know that it's possible. My big advise for you....don't suffer - get patches.

I second A's comment. We all would have pitched in.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the patch, there easy enough to roll but a bitch ti lite.

Anonymous said...

I can light them, just can't keep them going.

Cuidado said...

I couldn't have quit without them.

BlueJude said...

Great photo!! Would make a great painting too!

Cuidado said...

The window is only party frosty today and I so want to take a photo but have left my camera somewhere. It's very pretty today.