Friday, February 16, 2007

Grandma's Job

I'm still in cleaning mode and cleaned my big upstairs walk-in closet today. This big, old house can be overwhelming at times. It's a big job for just me.

It's East Coast Music Awards (ECMA's) in Halifax this weekend. I had just begun my blog when they were held here on PEI last year. The ECMA's are a really great opportunity to hear live music for a weekend in the dead of winter. They rotate between the four Atlantic Provinces, so everyone gets a turn.

Last year when we went to see Chucky Danger Band, my kids' friends, we also saw the wonderful talent, Jill Barber, doing the song, When I Make Love To You. The version I'm putting up was played live on a radio show at station CFRC. A group I don't have up from the Atlantic region is Great Big Sea. My younger kids have been to several of their celebrations such as the Great Big Picnic and The Great Big Party etc. Here they are with Scolding Wife. They're very energetic and popular in the region.

Wish I was in Halifax. My youngest son is there but he's not likely to be out there like I would. You never know though, he wasn't out last weekend and it was the Guinness World Record breaking Pub Crawl. He may be just itching. I'll give him a call now and find out.

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