Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday Snow

Storm watch was cancelled and we had no weather last night but had a couple of inches of snow this morning. It was nice to get out to walk in it. I should have made a snowman. It's very fluffy and pretty. My favorite ex went skiing twice today before coming to visit me. Having a bit of snow has made life soooo exciting!

It was a beef stew kind of day so that was the menu tonight. Delicious, too. Knowing I've cooked beef stew makes my daughter homesick but I talked to her a while ago. She doesn't have to see it here first. I've sent her the instructions but she hasn't attempted it yet.

I've chosen a couple of songs from Calexico for today's music. The songs are very different. Yours and Mine is from their album, Garden Ruin and is a nice quiet ballad. Alone Again Or is from the album Convict Pool and is livelier. They are diverse like that.


Ocean said...

I wish I could have stew!!! Since I was talking to you my throat has white spots!!!! Not good.

Cuidado said...

No, not with yor roommate just having had strep. You need chicken soup not stew and at Superbowl parties that's not usually on the menu.