Thursday, February 01, 2007


I am back to real food tonight. I had my stitches removed today and my mouth is ok for active duty. I've had extensive bruising but no pain and everything is healing well so give me something to chew. Yeah! I've certainly missed my diet of interesting combinations and good, real food. I've had pasta for four out of the last seven nights and I'm not a pasta lover at all. Tonight I'm having a hot Indian curry and a cool (and cold) broccoli salad thingy that I made up this afternoon; and of course, REAL rice.

My walk today was good. I probably overdo it but like overdoing it so I guess that's what I'll continue to do.

The moon is full tonight. It has been amazing at five thirty am. When I open my eyes I think I've overslept because of how bright it is. The moon is shining into the window and it seems like daylight.

The music today comes the moon. Lamya, a newish find for me, sings about Pink Moon. Nate Farrar who I featured last week with Let Me Down is here with Moonlight's Just A Memory. I like his voice.

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