Friday, February 09, 2007

Fondling Friday

It's Friday, my favorite day of the week. I had a visitor from away and that made it more like the Friday ritual that I loved when it was still alive. Friday Happy Hour at my house was a happening thing for a few years but slowly drifted out with everyone's changes.

I've reconnected with my genealogical expert cousin. He's actually taking some more genealogy courses at U of T. Rediscovered me through notes on a census entry. He's been sending me tons of great photos. The one above is of my great uncle and my godfather. They are all still alive. I love the guitar in this and Arthur's haircut. There is another one from that day with my father in it but I can't seem to find it. Heck I'll go look. Found it. Look at Dad and godfather, Arthur's haircuts. They were out of Brylcreme apparently. I like Dad's big ears and smile. He was having he still loves to.

I always play The Skiffle Sessions album at some point on a Friday gathering . I truly think it's the best Friday "end of the week" album ever made. There is an energy in skiffle music, especially this trio, that just brings that end of the week joyful feeling. Here's a couple more as there are several already on the music page. You have to look this time. I just had to resave the top photo. Too much work for a Friday. I can give you some help on a couple more. They're some of the first I uploaded, at the bottom of the page. For today enjoy The Outskirts of Town and Lost John. I'll eventually have the whole album up but I do love it and play songs from it in many, many playlists. Feel good and be joyful!


Ocean said...

Those are cute pictures, wish we had them for the slideshow. Do you want me to send that to you by the way? It was great talking to you last night too, and thanks for the recipe!!
I will be home March 14th by the way.

Cuidado said...

Well that's a surprise and welcome news.

Anonymous said...

Grampy looks ilke Sean Penn there..

Cuidado said...

or Lyle Lovett..

Anonymous said...

Lyle Lovett because of the hair.