Saturday, February 24, 2007

There Is Always a Cliff, Sometimes Steep

The weather is really weird today. It was supposed to be fine and warm with a couple of centimeters of snow beginning to fall in late afternoon. I got up at 3:40 am. It has been flurrying ever since and now at 4:00 pm it has stopped and there are large blue sky patches. I planned on walking this afternoon but even at just below zero, it's windy and feels just too darned cold. The flurries would have been ok but wind, no. I didn't dance either. It's kind of a lazy day.

I collect songs, as you know and every now and then like to put up a few versions of the same song for your listening pleasure. Everyone brings something different to a cover. Some versions are better than the originals but some songs, no one will ever do as well as the writer. An example of that would be Joni's later version of Both Sides Now. It is a song written for an older woman, she said, and now that she's attained that status, it was perfection when she brought it out on the album of the same name. Sarah Vaughan supposedly became annoyed when Joni complemented Sarah's version many years ago, when she said that it was was written for an older woman. Sarah was somehow insulted by the comment.

Another example is the old classic, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry. I don't know anyone who can do it better than the original by Hank Williams. Here is Johnny Cash and Nick Cave that I had already uploaded and new today, a version by Southside Johnny and Little Stephen.


TorAa said...

This post hit me twice:

Sara V, I met in Copenhagen 1963, performing with Dexter D. I did an interview for a local paper.

Red rocks: We live half of the year on a penninsula known for its red granite.

Your blog stroked me softly:))

Cuidado said...

Welcome and come again. In the links you will find my photo blogs which have photos with lots of red soil.