Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Purple Haze

Kenz won't let me type; she wants some love. Let me get rid of her. I certainly don't deny the kitties, just have to change the time to suit my needs sometimes. There! The photo above is of last night's sky or just a moment of it. I got some other shots that look nothing like this. The colors changed dramatically over the short period of time. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Today has not been perfect. I woke up with a cold. A half a box of Kleenex kind of cold. It will probably be gone in a few days because I have a great immune system and care for it daily. PEI has been reporting the worst cold and flu season in several years and I know lots of people who have been sticken. I've been very careful. I have strong feelings about not spreading these things but have to go to town on Thursday for a very important medical appointment that has been scheduled for a long time. With our long wait times for tests and procedures, you don't simply reschedule for a little cold. I can ask for a mask.

The other day I talked about covers sometimes not being able to stand up to the writer's version of a song. Today I have an example of the opposite. Sometimes a cover is soooo great. Diana Krall and Ray Charles' version of You Don't Know Me is a real favorite of mine. It is the 8th song I uploaded in the 490 that are on the music page. I don't know if the original version is by Eddy Arnold but it's the version that brings me right back to my parents and life in the 50's or 60's, whenever it was popular; probably early 60's. It was definitely from one the albums my parents played. I've put that up today and have linked Diana and Ray's version.

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