Saturday, February 17, 2007


Who's watching who?

I don't have very many photos of blue jays because they are so shy. Nuthatches and chickadees stay on the feeders when you open the door and go outside. Blue jays simply fly away. Most blue jay photos I have are taken through glass windows. A pity. They're beautiful birds.

My favorite ex is back from her Mexican vacation. I've missed her a lot. Last year she and my daughter were in Mexico together and I had to miss them both at the same time. What a difference a year makes in a person's life journey. I could go on and on here but will not.

I can smell my meat loaf cooking in the oven. There is also a potato and half a squash in the oven and I have the salad made. I've had more meat than fish this week which is unusual and a definate no no. I'll make sure I'm heavy on fish and seafood this week.

Music today: I'm still listening to ECMA music thanks to my wonderful CBC radio. I'm giving you something else though. I grew up in the 50's with Johhny Cash an everyday friend. I kind of rejected a lot of the country music that listened to while I lived with my parents till 1970 but somehow Johnny Cash remained a well-loved pleasure. I love his voice. I love his time. I love that he loves Bob Dylan and other musicians and does their songs. Long Black Veil is a favorite Dylan song of mine. I love Johnny's version (here it is) as well as Joan Osbourne's. God's Gonna Cut You Down is from Johnny's last album. I don't know who wrote the song but I sure like the way Johnny sings it.

I'm five minutes late with my meatloaf topping. I'd better get at it.

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