Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Let's Tango - Whatever Lola Wants

We're expecting weather again; a massive storm is coming up from the US but it's uncertain at this point what PEI will be getting. At least there will be a break in the cold. Oil prices are so high and this is a big house. I've had quite enough of winter already. Bring on the daffodils. Of course there are a few plusses to winter. There are always beautiful birds at the feeders, it's absolutely gorgeous driving in the country, some bugs (earwigs) are dying in the ground, foods like soups and stews are on the menu and mosquitoes or black flies are on their annual hiatus.
Yes, we have to find beauty and gratitude even in winter.

The radio's weather forecast is now in. Tomorrow night: snow changing to ice pellets then rain at midnight. Plus one celcius by morning and windy throughout. We can take that. We'll just dance through that.

Today's music is to get those dancing shoes warmed up. It's some of what I've been dancing to. I love Gotan Project and have some of their music up already. I really like them and play them a lot. They are definitely a band I would love to see live. Today's selection is a remix of Whatever Lola Wants with Sarah Vaughan and Last Tango In Paris.


Ocean said...

Happy Valentines Day!
Today it is finally going to stop snowing!!!! Does Christine not have a blog anymore?
Love you

Cuidado said...

She does but changed the name. It's now Ramblings of a Scattered Mind and is still in my links. We are gerring snow, freezing rain and then rain overnight. Yuck!