Monday, February 26, 2007


Getting to the blog a little late today but for the best of reasons ......... friends. I went on a long walk where I stopped and visited (one on the side of the road, another in a driveway, and some at a nursing home) with several people. I visited with eight people during the walk, from an ex-brother-in-law to a woman whose kids were friends with mine and another who made me laugh so hard tears were coming.

When almost to my driveway on the return home I met a friend who was on her way to visit me. This was around two. Another friend dropped in at three and then another at four. We had a wonderful time together, solved at least half of the world's problems and laughed and laughed and laughed. It makes your day, it does. Spontaneous get togethers are the best kind. I had no preparations made but there are always cheese, crackers and olives in the house and always something to drink. What a great afternoon.

If including a couple of phonecalls this morning, I've had the most social of days with non-stop interactions the whole day long. The mood seemed to be catching, with everyone positive and happy to see one another. As an Islander would say, "It's been a great day all together!!"

It is my one and only sister's birthday today. I remember a huge snowstorm on her third or fourth birthday. I'm seven years older so I was ten or eleven. My dad warned us not to touch the electrical lines when we were out playing. I have a couple of sister songs, Baby Sister by Damien Rice and Oh Sister by Andrew Bird and Nora O'Connor. I hope they'll do because I used the birthday songs last week. Happy Birthday, Cath.

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