Monday, December 31, 2007

Out With The Old? No Way!

My sister-in-law is my new hero. She drove me to the hospital and back in a snowstorm after I dislocated my shoulder again this morning. She is much more brave than I will ever be. I have driven through storms in emergencies and know how stressful it is. She got a migraine headache soon after we arrived at the hospital but through modern medication was able to stop it before it took hold. I have to think of something special to do for her. Any ideas or suggestions?

It is going to be a very long road to recovery for this shoulder. The doctor explained just how unstable it is. It popped out very easily when I was drying myself after a bath. I've been a bit off balance since the injury and when the other arm is busy with something, my whole body, not just the shoulder, is unstable.

It's New Years Eve. My crazy son is going to drive through the storm to go to a party. I strongly object to this but he is an adult and has made his decision. The visibility and roads are going to get much worse as wind is forecast.

To hear a bunch of New Years Eve songs go to The Late Greats. The Duke has a post highlighting many different songs but with the name New Year's Eve. I am going to reprise some favorites for me this past year. The songs are not even necessarily from this year, they were just favorites of mine this year. Feist's, 1,2,3,4 was from this year and I thought it was a great song. It has been heard widely and has even been in a commercial so, I'm not alone in liking this song. Here are some that I really dug but not in any particular order. My Singing Soul by Soel, To The Fallen by Ruthie Foster, Long Ride Home by Patty Griffin, Walk Around the Lake by Lost In The Trees, The Story by Brandi Carlile, and Got Up This Morning by Sage France and Jolie Holland. This is just a few. One more you say? OK here is Colin Hay with I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over Losing You. It wins for longest title too.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Long Day - Short Year

Would you believe a friend called and asked if I'd like to go skating. A laugh is always a good thing to have and a friend who brings you a laugh is even better.

There is talk of a storm tomorrow for New Year's Eve and they're already asking people to stay off the roads. We are expecting 30 cm. of snow. I hope people heed the warnings especially since there will be drinking drivers out there.

The last two days have seemed to be very long. I'm going to try to get out for a walk tomorrow before the storm hits. I didn't realize how much you use your arms for balance. I keep wobbling to the right so I will have to be very careful outdoors. Actually it may be safer as there are no door frames to keep bumping into.

I've just heard the forecast and the storm is starting early so the walk may be postponed. Good thing my appetite seems to have dwindled along with the use of my arm. I was worried about gaining weight with the reduced physical activity.

Innocent Bones by Iron and Wine is the song for today. I am celebrating my strong bones as the Dr. told me that the injury I received usually breaks some bones as well but I was spared because of my strong bones. Take your halibut liver oil, People. Another one of Iron and Wine's songs, Such Great Heights seems appropriate too.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Reflections and Deflections

Is the world still spinning? A lot of my friends and myself are going through some serious, life altering times. Just being disabled for six weeks is sending me into a tailspin but others are having more serious tremors. All we can do is help each other through these trying times and be the best support we can be for each other. We are having a bit of a storm and I can't drive so am unable to help someone who really needs me tonight. The telephone will help, I suppose.

I went to a short notice dinner party last night thanks to my daughter, who left today. We had dinner plans already but she thought connecting that with some dear old friends was more important. Bless her kind little heart. We had a delicious dinner and some great catching up conversation. Friendship is more important than any ship. I've had a trying time in the friendship department in the last year and consider that the person who didn't value my friendship to be the one who has missed out. I am a good friend.

The music today has nothing to do with friendship or trying times. I had to upload a song to fit another post and that song was In A Graveyard from the newest album by Rufus Wainwright. I love his dad, Loudon Wainwright III, so have Cardboard Boxes, a song I really like, as selection number two.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh, Oh. A Big Boo Boo

I will be blogging very slowly for the next while. I've just returned from the emergency department . I have severely dislocated my shoulder, tearing the ligaments and getting a bone chip in the process. I had just taken off my skates and put boots on. There was a little fellow skating here with his grandma. Since he had a left handed hockey stick which I never get to use as they are unusual in this family, I thought I'd have a few shots. Three shots of morphine were not what I had in mind.

I won't be skating or snowshoeing any more this winter as I am to wear a contraption for six weeks. I'm not sure how I'm going to cope. I can't get dressed, peel a potato, tie my boots or even drive - at least for now. I may require surgery so am to see a specialist.

Arms of a Woman
by Amos Lee sounds like it might fit in for today's post. The title fits anyway. All the Way Down by Glen Hansard is good too. I love this song. It has meaning for me.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to You and You and You

The photo is from a few weeks ago. The pond is frozen solid now.

My kids are having Christmas dinner at their dad's an I am having mine at a friend's house. I have food in the oven baking for the occasion. Had a great morning with the kids before they went to off their dad's.

Tonight or tomorrow night I'm going to do something I've been wanting to do since I moved to this property twenty four years ago. In all that time this is the first time the conditions have been perfect. I am going to skate on the pond at full moon time. Yesterday, technically, was full moon but tonight and tomorrow are near enough and a bit less moonlight will suffice. It's been very bright the last two nights and with the thaw yesterday, the ice is perfect. What a treat.

For years, it would be perfect ice but by the time full moon came we would have heavy snow. We last skated on it in 2003 as there hasn't been a cold enough winter to freeze it since then. Now if snow can hold off for a few days I'll have the opportunity to do one of my favorite winter activities....get in lots of skating on my wonderful pond.

An appropriate song for the post and the season is Joni Mitchell's, The River. I have a nice live version by James Taylor but since I had him up yesterday, here is one by Sara McLachlan's that was removed earlier in the year.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's Winter Already

As you can imagine the stores are very busy. I had to go in to make an exchange for a gift that I discovered had a problem when I went to wrap it. Huge line ups and tons of traffic. I only had that errand, a gift drop off, and a stop at the grocery store. I'm much happier at home that in that schmozzle. It was funny that I ran into a couple who I last ran into Christmas shopping last year. I said I hope to see them this time next year too.

My niece called today. She is addicted to her computer like I am and her hard drive is going. It's terrible when these things happen at holiday time. For her to go to an electronics store anytime in the next week will be pretty close to hellish. I was so lucky to have a brother in law who helped me out. The ethernet card was only twenty bucks so that was pretty painless too. I had bad luck this week and good luck too.

In the Bleak Midwinter is a favorite seasonal song for many. I have a few versions. Today is one by James Taylor and one by Allison Crowe. The weather hardly seems like the bleak midwinter. It is going to be eight degrees and raining tomorrow. Bring it on!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Home Again

The photo is of a church in downtown Moncton the night of the storm. It was a cold and stormy night. My friend and room mate of thirty-three years ago and I walked in it for a couple of hours and almost marathon walked the next day. We both loved the exhilaration and accompanying endorphens. Also, it was wonderful catching up.

I also had fun at my home town. I won a ham playing TV bingo with my Dad's better half and her three daughters. I used the ham for a family dinner at my niece's house the next night. That was really fun. She has little kids so there's built in entertainment.

Since coming home I've had to deal first with a fried ethernet card, a driveway of pure ice, and an impending flood because of a very warm and rainy weather forecast. My brother in law helped me out with the first problem. I am heavily addicted to the net and was in withdrawal for twenty-four hours. I've got help in resolving those withdrawal symptoms by shoveling. There's been no end to it. Enough of that!

I've not played any Christmas music this season. Here's Julia Lee and her Boyfriends with Christmas Blues and David Francey with We Three Kings. That has always been my favorite Christmas song but it's not that popular. It was lovely to find a version by one of my favorite singers.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

She Has Arrived!!!

I am still in Moncton. My daughter arrived on a standby flight after midnight last night after being stuck in Toronto on the night of the storm. She was among thousands stuck in various airports across Canada after storms pretty well paralyzed the country. Several times they told her that she would not be able to get a flight till Sunday to either Moncton, Halifax, or Charlottetown. She had not packed extra clothing in her carry on so I can't even imagine her in the same clothes for one week.

Her luggage did not arrive with her so we can't go to our next destination without that. She hand washed her clothing last night but that won't do forever. I am really glad to see her and hope the rest of her visit is uneventful and full of all good things.

I have no music or photos to give you but here is today's photo on the Shutterchance blog.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Where There's Smoke.....

I have a ninety something year old friend who I visit quite often in the nursing home where he lives. He has all his wits about him but does get a little mixed every once in a while. This afternoon while I was visiting he said, "Did I show you my horse?" I immediately got a little oh, oh feeling thinking that he was having a mixed up moment.

I said, "What do you mean"?

He said, "Come on downstairs and I'll show you my horse".

I was a bit concerned but decided to play along and off we went on our slow little trip with him using his walker. We took an elevator and went into a big common room and over in the corner was indeed a horse. It was a mechanical pony probably three feet high. It moves it's head, it's mouth, wags it's tail, munches on a carrot and neighs and makes other horse sounds.

The joke was on me. I'm sure he knew what I was thinking and got the last laugh.

I went to a function last night where we had a bit of an adventure. Someone put one of those fake chemical-sawdust logs in the fireplace and the draft or baffle would not open. The whole building filled with smoke. A bunch of guys tried to fix things but the draft could not be moved. Someone got the bright idea to take the log outside with a shovel. As soon as they touched it, the log fell into a million pieces and could not be picked up. They ended up bringing buckets of snow inside and smothering the log that way. The smoke then turned to steam. It was a mess and I had some pretty smelly clothes to deal with this morning.

Music: A link from the past. This was the first song on a cd I put on today while painting. It goes with the last paragraph too. It's Swati with Bruce Springsteen's I'm On Fire. You can find other versions of this song that I've already put up with a simple search at the top left of the page. New today are songs from Van Morrison. I am so looking forward to seeing my daughter and these Van songs, Someone Like You and Contacting My Angel, remind me of her. Someone Like You is such a great song. No one will ever do a better version. Van Morrison owns it through and through.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yes, It's Cold

It's cold today. It was windy but sunny, meaning we missed the piles of snow that were forecast. Fine with me. We have enough. It was so sunny that it looked very inviting for walking. I went out and shoveled and after a short while, knew I'd not be walking. Too cold.

I'm going away for a few days. My daughter is flying into another airport than our own and needs to be picked up. I'm going to go a couple of days early and visit an old friend. Then my daughter and I are going to visit my dad for a few days. My daughter wants to make stew for him. I don't like traveling at this time of year but don't have much choice.

Essential music again and a song that's fitting for today in that it's cold and I'm thinking of my daughter. I still have one version on Page One that is one of the fifty-eight out of five hundred that was not removed. It's one of the best too and probably the most well known. The song is Baby, It's Cold Outside. It's my daughter's favorite version. The version still on Page One is from Betty Carter and Ray Charles. I'm not going to replace removed versions but add two that have not been posted here before. One is from Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton. The other is from Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordon.

I just realized I am missing a really great version on my computer that I consider essential. I have it on cd but not on the computer. It's Ella and Sarah Vaughan's version with Sarah doing the 'man's' part as there would have to be a man in the forties. There couldn't be two woman. I have nine versions on the computer so I will be happy with that for now.

Page two is 400 songs as of today so I will be skipping back to Page One and be re-starting there with song 59. I know it's confusing but it's not how it was planned. I didn't know that Putfile would be removing over 500 songs. I still am never sure if a song is going to be there. It will all work out.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not Weather For Gardenias

Just came in from shoveling. The cats are still out there and it's almost dark. I have to keep checking. In the winter of '99 -'00, it snowed almost every day. It was the largest yearly snowfall in a long time. That much snow can create problems. My trash cans are surrounded already and the bottom snow is ice; impossible to shovel. Thankfully they are not full and can wait till the next pick up.

Come on, Kitties. They're in though not happy about it.

A couple of weeks ago this website was featured on Blogger's Blogs of Note. The Daily Coyote is photos and the story of a rescued coyote who lives with the author and her cat in a one-room log cabin in Wyoming. I find it fascinating and the photography is fabulous. The time line is six months past but that's ok. Not everything has to be live and now.

For music, more from the essentials list. Dos Gardenias is my favorite song from Buena Vista Social Club's first groundbreaking album, Buena Vista Social Club. I'm not fluent in Spanish but can get by after a few days of immersion. I can usually figure out the written word even easier.

This song I loved so much, but just couldn't figure out. It didn't make sense. These were the days before I knew about Babelfish. Turned out I had it figured out correctly. A few years later, in Mexico, I asked a friend for a translation and the jist is this: A man gives his lover two gardenias. If they die it means she is cheating on him and does not love him. Of course, being flowers, they did what flowers do, and died.

Ok, so what I love about this song is not the story but the melody. I listen to both versions a lot because they are the kind of slow Latin ballads that I love so much. I love the Rita Maria Mariano version for the music and the Buena Vista Social Club version for the vocals. Both are excellent and I'm happy to put them up again.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Frozen Footprints

I just went for a walk and found all these footprints frozen in a pond. I am assuming they are coyote tracks but they could be duck tracks too. They were pretty cool no matter whose they are. The sun shone all day yet I was only able to get out for a walk, not a hike. Tomorrow is blowing snow again so that won't work for hiking. Maybe the next day. Maybe the dancercising is going to come early this winter.

I got photos of my grandchildren in a Christmas card yesterday. I can't believe how cute they are. I want to see them so badly. The little boy told me on Sunday that he was coming to my house in the spring. I think he'll be coming in the summer but I'd better check with his dad - you never know.

I am making lots of cd's at this time of year to go into Christmas packages. It's very time consuming as I want them to flow just right. The one I'm working on this afternoon is a jazz cd for my aunt and uncle. I've included a couple of songs by Bernadette Seacrest and Her Yes Men that I know they'll like. I know I do. Here's Money and Sweet Salvation. I've had trouble the last few days uploading songs. I'll give it another try and if it is not successful, I'll try again later.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Happy Dance

I made a wonderful discovery today. I have been thinking that my stereo was broken since the night I had a party during an electrical storm back in July or August. I've been using a boom box since then. I discovered today that it is fine and was only unplugged. I guess one of my party guests unplugged it, tired of hearing the same song over and over which was happening each time the power went off momentarily.

I was going to move a lamp that I only use for the stereo and when I went to unplug it, found that it was the only plug in the socket. How happy am I about this? Extremely. I was going to look for a replacement after Christmas as I was frustrated with having to use a terrible boom box if I wanted music to be heard in far corners of the house. I have the computer for use in the immediate room but it's sound doesn't reach far. You have to know I'm happy dancing.

I have a glass commission and I am stressed about the first part, a design. It's the hardest part of the process for me. There is no real hurry so that eases it up a bit.

Music is happy dancing music. First, already up songs One, Two, and Three. New today, Before This Time by Ollabelle and an old, early seventies dance song, Tighten Up with Archie Bell and the Drells. I haven't been on my usual busy hiking schedule and will be going back to dancing on the off days. A bonus now I have good sound that volume won't distort.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Chavela Again

My whole body is sore. Shoveling is not an activity for the middle aged. How many times do you hear of heart attacks brought on by shoveling snow. My lower back was sore from earlier in the week shoveling but now I'm sore everywhere. We were supposed to get two centimeters of snow overnight turning to rain but the rain never came and we got about four inches of the white fluffy stuff. It was perfect snow for making snow people but the shoveling had to be done.

I had no idea what a metal roof was going to bring. Huge banks have already materialized against the house where snow has slid off the steep roof. Snow that close could cause basement flooding. My gutters are not able to handle all the falling snow and after two snows, one section is already broken. It's always something, eh?

Gosh, I just got completely lost on a new music blog and forgot about this one. Music. We need music so it's back to the essentials. Chavela Vargas' La Llorona, which I've fawned over in the past is essential for sure. I've told the story of this remarkable woman and won't again but will provide a few links - Wikipedia, her own website, and a Youtube performance of La Llorona. This video is from the movie Frida, one of my favorite all time movies. The song uploaded today is from Chavela's very famous appearance at Carnegie Hall made in her eighties. She is eighty-eight now. I really like her music as she sang a traditional Latin ballad that was sung by men to seduce women. It's unusual to hear these songs by women but she did it anyway.

The second song is, Paloma Negra, which she also did for the movie Frida. I will never forget seeing this movie for the first time and when this song played I was awestruck. I immediately tried to find the soundtrack but in Charlottetown where we have no good record stores, it took six months. I got the movie when it became available. Both songs are very powerful. Enjoy!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Feelings This Friday

Spent the afternoon supporting an immigrant friend who was being interviewed by CBC TV to discuss an unfortunate incident that she was involved in. It's very hard when someone comes from another continent and is not familiar with our laws. They expect the same laws, standards and protections as they had in their former country. They researched everything in the three extended trips they had here before immigrating even coming for several months in the winter to be sure it was the right move. The world is not the same everywhere. I can't talk of the incident as I don't know where libel laws start and stop. Better to be safe than really sorry.

The main problem too, is that as soon as the couple moved here the husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer and has passed away. The woman knows very few people and since she's been here has only been involved with hospitals and doctors and extreme grief sickness. She certainly needs support and a small circle of us are doing what we can.

I bought a catnip pillow for my grandson's cat last week. I had to run to the bathroom when I got home that day and threw the bag on the floor. When I came out the cats had torn apart the bag it was in, the tissue paper it was wrapped in and the little plastic bag it was packaged in. Since they loved it so much, I went back today and got several for cat lovers on my list. One hundred percent of the money raised by the pillows and some really cool handmade cards goes to feed and care for homeless cats. Needless to say, I've put the bag in the fridge for the time being.

Music today? Thinking of all that is happening with my friend, Tragedy by Brandi Carlile seems like a good choice. Bob Dylan's I Pity the Poor Immigrant is appropriate too. Bob has a song for every situation, you know.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wishin' and Hopin'

It was a nice day today with nice moderate temperatures. It was supposed to be sunny by early afternoon but just now, as it is about to get dark, the horizon has brightened. The sun is going to come out as it gets dark. That sounds pretty funny but it's true. It is blue out right now - very pretty.

I am stressed about winter already. The part I dislike most is happening. Driving and all that it is necessary to do it are the worst part of winter to me. I have been stuck already after two snows. My son has already been stuck. I am parked at the top of my driveway for one more night because I have to be somewhere early tomorrow morning but will eventually have to come down. The plow would cover the car if it stayed up there. The plow operators have reported me to the police before and I've been told to go down. I've killed my back shoveling already. I know this is all negative but it's reality. If I had a car and driver I'd be fine with winter but never in a million years am I going to have that. Reality.

Now to turn it all around and be positive and manifest a driver and car I can wish and hope or have someone do it for me. Here are a couple of versions of a sixties song that I remember well; the original Wishin' and Hopin' by Dusty Springfield and a nice cover by Ani DeFranco.

There seems to be a problem with Putfile. Actually someone just commented on Shutterchance that a song wouldn't play. I'd better check this out. I will upload the songs when I can. How's a girl supposed to manifest a car and driver. My goodness. Blogger seems to be having a problem too and I can't upload a photo. Is Mercury in retrograde again. I've tried four times. I'll get back with that too I guess.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Winter In Canada

My car is stuck at the top of my driveway. The white snow in the photo is where my car is. If it were to snow the plow would cover it. The wire is my telephone line. There are seventy two poles down in another part of the island. You can see why. I've just finished twenty-three hours without electricity. I'm twenty three hours behind in a bunch of stuff and I didn't have a shower or bath. And how was your day?

It has not been fun. I don't mind being stormstayed if there is someone with you but alone it is a pain. I talked on the phone all day and all evening and caught up with a lot of people. That was great. I went to bed at the regular time but my sleep pattern got altered. I usually get up at five thirty and with no electricity that was too early so I lit candles, read and went back asleep. I got up at quarter to seven. Still dark. I have a wood stove and a propane camp stove so I am fine for heat and cooking. It just seems long if you're alone.

I song I really love, Electricity, by Joni Mitchell is the song of the day. Since it is up already you get two more. Get Me Through December is a song I've loved for years and play a lot at this time of the year. It has meaning to me in many ways. It is a very beautiful song and I strongly recommend a listen. It's an all Canadian day with Song For a Winter's Night by Gordon Lightfoot.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Many Kisses and A Punch to Grow a Bunch

It's that auspicious day again. My youngest two are having a birthday. He's twenty-two and she's twenty-four. All growed up! This is several years now that they haven't been together on their birthdays. He was away at University for four years and she's been out west for a year.

We are expecting a snowstorm and it's not the first time there has been a storm on their birthdays. For both births the weather was fine which is good. You always worry about that with a baby due in the winter. My sis in law was born after the snowplow plowed the road to get her to the hospital. That would be a tad scary, I'd say.

I've just checked the forecast and the heavy snowfall warning has ended. Now it is snow turning to rain and, the staple of Island weather, heavy wind. My friend canceled a hike today and I may be canceling tomorrow's though we usually hike in the rain, last week being a good example. We'll see.

I upload to my Shutterchance Blog a week at a time. I uploaded this photo of birds and when I went to enter the date, realized it was the kid's birthday. A look at the photo made me think of the three kids with one to the side and one right on top of the other. It was a coincidence but turned out to be quite perfect symbolism. There are other birds around too - family and friends to soar along with them.

What will I give my kids for birthday music? Many Kisses. A couple versions of Besame Mucho that are part of the essential music are appropriate. Here is a version by Omara Portuondo that is very romantic and one by Trio Los Panchos that with my eyes closes, can make me feel like I'm in Mexico. I love both these versions and play them quite a bit.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Freak Snowstorm

We are in the midst of a snow storm. It was supposed to snow overnight, be fine today and snow again tonight. It's been snowing since I got up this morning and the wind came up this afternoon so it's a real blizzard out there. There are at least ten cm. down and maybe more. It's hard to tell with the drifting. I need milk and may not be getting any.

It's snowing in Calgary today too. My daughter's birthday is Monday and her room mate's is today. They are having a birthday party tonight in a local bar. I believe it's walking distance so the snow shouldn't affect them.

Back to essential music. Today is the later version of Both Sides Now. I cried the first few times I heard this version. It was meant to be sung by a mature woman and is my favorite Joni song. I'm adding to the versions of Stormy Weather today too. Joni does a fine job of this standard and joins Willie Nelson , Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughan.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Wild Wind

Had a great outing today and got lots of nice shots. However, it was cold and blowing a real gale. The water has whitecaps through most of the photos. We were at the Roma Settlement in Brudenell. I've linked a Georgetown area history which includes Roma in Brudenell and the other Acadians. I had planned to go to their big Fete in September but it was the same night as my friend's 50th birthday party, where I went instead. It was also supposed to be the first day on my new job but I got the day off and started the next. My friend got a real chill today so we passed up on another site we were going to visit and will go there on Monday.

Had our staff party yesterday. We had the Christmas Buffet at the best room at the Culinary Institute. It was really fabulous with lots of superb service and special treatment because my boss is a student in the building. Oddly, there were no main entrees cooked without garlic and I am not able to have any. My first choice was poached salmon and it was in a garlic sauce so they were very soon able to get me some plain poached salmon before it touched the garlic. It was heavenly. Desserts to die for too. There was this chocolate cheesecake......

I'll put up some more missing music. Sugar by Nina Simone fits after the last paragraph and for the first paragraph her Wild Is The Wind is also a fit.

We are getting some snow. Two or three cm. over night and ten tomorrow night. It will all be accompanied by heavy winds. Yeah that I got my snow tires on yesterday. The landscape will certainly change then.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Best Ballads

My Fingerprint

Had a quiet day but it hadn't been planned that way. I had offered to help someone with some computer stuff but she didn't show up. I hung around thinking that she was late but shouldn't have. Being late or not showing up for something really irks me. It shows disrespect. I had asked her to call me if she couldn't come but she didn't. I haven't seen my elderly friend for two weeks and gave up seeing him to make this happen.

I'm making a couple of cd's for someone and a couple for someone else and am busy with that. One has an easy listening, romantic ballad sort of theme so that's the music I have for you today. There's A Kiss To Build A Dream On by kd lang and Tony Bennett as well as They Can"t Take That Away From Me by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Both of these duets are superb. The second would be considered a classic. The first will be one day. Tony Bennett had some pretty fine things about kd lang....nothing I've not said though. There is no voice like hers.

These have to be the longest song names/singers names combination ever to have to type so many times. Whew!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rainy Hike

Today's hike was done in the rain. At times it was a drizzle and at times it was steady rain. A half hour before we went out it was really pouring and we expected that it might do so again but we were spared. It was lovely. I can't say rain has ever hurt me - just left me in varying degrees of wetness. I've always loved rain and walking in it but don't like rain for long periods. I have a brother who lives in coastal BC where it rains a lot. I could not live there as it is too encompassing of your whole being.

It is fourteen degrees today and is going to be minus one tomorrow and minus four the next day. A big change. Flus and colds are blamed on changing weather like that but I'm not convinced. There is talk of snow flurries tomorrow too. I hope it is just flurries because I don't get my snow tires on till Thursday.

I've lots of rain songs to choose from - hundreds really. A couple for today are The Sky Is Crying with Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble for the blues fans and fans of Stevie's fabulous guitar style. Beauty of the Rain by Dar Williams is the second song. It describes my sentiment.

Today's photo is of Kayla, one of my wet hiking partners.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Musings

I loved visiting the north shore beaches last week. I keep looking at the photos. I wish it had been a less bitter day though. We really were quite cold. You can dress for the weather but when you're photographing, your hands are uncovered and your photo subject might have you facing the head-on wind.

Managed a one hour hike today but nothing strenuous. That's for tomorrow. Monday's I'm a bit tired after Sunday's shift. Had lunch and a visit with a friend and we made plans for another photo shoot/hike on Friday. I have a full week with activities of some sort every day. I was thinking about the price of gas and how it costs so much to go anywhere. I realized that if I am out driving around, the furnace at home is off whereas if I was home and not driving in the car, the furnace is on keeping me warm. A reasonable trade off that made me not feel as bad.

I'm going to invite my sister-in-law for supper tonight if she drops in after work. If she already has plans I will have cooked my supper for tomorrow night. Pretty good either way. She probably has fish planned as her hubby is returning soon.

I needed a song uploaded the other day that had been on Page One and is not longer there. It was for another reason but it's such a fantastic piece that it is good as a choice for today. Crepuscular Solidao by Bonnie Raitt and Cesaria Evora is that song. Since Bonnie is so good in that duet, song number two is another one featuring her. It is Do I Ever Cross Your Mind with Ray Charles. She certainly has a voice and a style that make her fantastic in duets. I still have her first two albums on vinyl. A lot of people aren't familiar with them because she became famous only after her third and later were released.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Ducky Day

I've been cleaning my bathroom and need a break! That's not such a big job you're thinking but you'd have to see my bathroom. I have more than a hundred ducks and they're on every surface. They're on the walls, the window, the floor, several shelves, the old fashioned bathtub, the ceiling, the radiator, the towel racks and the back of the toilet. Once a year I do a thorough housecleaning and today is the day. The bathroom was all apart as I had a plumber in this morning finishing the tap installation. My friend had some problems so I had to call a plumber. It seemed like the right day for the big job.

I'm going out for dinner with my son, nephew and sister-in-law. I'm sure it will be a fun evening and the best part - I don't have to cook supper. My sister-in-law works on the north shore and experienced a snow storm/blizzard today. We have none on the south shore. Weird, eh? The last few posts on An Island Walk were from the area where she works and now those photo spots are all covered in snow.

Songs for today: Sweet Little Duck by Kathleen Edwards and Diving Duck Blues by Harry Manx and Kevin Breit. Those are already on the pages. To be replaced is the other song that I'd consider my favorite song on the pages along with Renee Olstead's version of Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby that I talked about a couple of days ago. This is Phoebe Snow's version of There's a Boat That's Leaving Soon For New York. This has been one of my favorite songs since Never Letting Go, the album it's on, came out. I think it's from that album anyway. I have all of her albums and am a big fan. The job she does on this Gershwin song is remarkable. It stills stops me in my tracks every time I play it and that is quite often. Also today is Shirley Horne's version. If you choose only one, let Phoebe's be it. Spectacular, I say.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Favorite Songs

An early post today. I have friends coming for the afternoon who are arriving around two. Another friend was here this morning to put in a new set of bathroom taps for me. When he opened the box, there were no taps in it. He just called and has decided to come this afternoon too. He will pick up taps at another store and put them in. That's good as I have everything pulled out from under the sink and in another room so I'll have it all over with.

I have Page One cleaned up but there is a lot of music missing on Page Two as well. I hope to get to that next week. One song I found removed from Page Two, I am putting back up today. Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby is one of my all time favorite songs. I heard it first from Louis Jordan but Joe Jackson and Renee Olstead have done fabulous covers. My daughter is a great fan of the Renee Olstead version.

Her version was the first song I put on my music page along with Louis Jordan's version. When I started Page Two after the 500 songs on Page One became too ruly, the first song I put on it was Joe Jackson's version. For some reason, out of the 59 songs remaining on Page One, Renee and Louis are still there. Not so for poor Joe on Page Two. I'm linking all three versions and Jack, You Dead by Joe Jackson. This song is from the same era as Is You Is . Joe Jackson did an album of these jumpin' jive songs in the seventies as a tribute to his father. One of my all time favorite albums.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Land of Dunes

This south shore dweller got a trip up to the north shore dunes yesterday. Went to the beach at several spots between Morell and Lakeside. There are some beautiful properties in that area and some pretty fine 'cottages'. See above photo. The day was cold, windy and grey again. It seems every time I've gone out on these jaunts with my friend, the weather has been cold, windy, and grey. The great thing is that neither of us really mind the weather but it would be nice to get some photos with a blue sky. Everyone that is not accustomed to the island will think the sun never shines.

I can say this here. The grandchildren can't read and the parents know. I just finished packing the grandkid's presents to mail. They are very large ceramic piggy banks that I bought before I thought about how to get them 1300 miles away. I personalized them with paint and have just prepared them for the mail. I'm pretty confident about the packing but you can never be sure. I packed glass for the mail for years without any breakage. The only breakage occurred with a window for Newfoundland, packed and crated by a professional packer who came good for it. I had to make the window again, which I hadn't planned when buying the glass for the first one. A pain all around!

Page One is down to fifty-nine songs - I think. Started at five hundred. It makes me realize how much is missing that I have to replace so it frees up even thinking of new - I'm just replacing old for awhile. In honour of a trip to the dunes here's There Are Places I Remember by the Beatles and for the photo trips I've had lately it's Dylan with a live version from Belgium in 1998 of Blowin In the Wind. Essential don't you think?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mixed Up

I haven't taken the photos off my camera after today's hike so here's one that could be from today. I did the six km. in an hour and thirty-five minutes. I was alone and walk much faster without a partner - unless that partner is my sis-in-law whom I can't keep up with. I then helped out a stranded friend and got some groceries. I had no list but knew I could get anything I missed tomorrow as I have to go to that town again.

I have been invited out for supper tonight. I have to help cook but that's ok. My bro-in-law is away and when he is, sis-in-law and I eat fish at her house. He can't stand the smell of it cooked there. Maybe tomorrow there will be lobster or something.

I just looked at that photo above and realize it could not have been today because in it, the sun is shining. It was not shining today and the temp was around three. Cool but wonderful for walking. I was in a lather from all the hills when I got back but started out with a hat and gloves.

I've been working on getting rid of the listings for the songs that are gone from my music pages. It's a time consuming job. I got a hundred and seventy-five done last night. I find that a whole lot of essential songs are missing so it is my job to get them back up there. Like Lila Downs' versions of two of my favorite songs ever. Quizas, Quizas, Quizas or Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps if you're so inclined and Besame Mucho. I have twenty-three versions of Besame Mucho and this is by far the best of any. I had five or six versions up but they were all gone. Yes, these songs and an essential few others will be going back on the pages straight away.

It seems funny to see the 0 (zero) in the number of plays for Lila Downs' , Quizas,Quizas, Quizas. It was month after month a favorite song and in July, before it disappeared, had 273 hits. Goodness, I've just discovered that Lila's version of Besame Mucho hadn't disappeared so I'll put up another missing one. Andrea Bocelli's was popular so I've chosen it, but have a listen to Lila's as it is more than spectacular.

Monday, November 19, 2007

One in Five

They say that one in five women you know will get breast cancer. I have a friend who was just diagnosed with cancer in both breasts. I am in total shock. This vital, amazing woman is in for the fight of her life, literally. She is strong and she's a fighter so I'm betting she beats this and teaches all of us a whole lot in the process.

I've been painting for a couple of weeks but keep saying I feel like doing glass work. Last night I got a probable commission. That should satisfy the itch. Makes me get at the painting with earnest too because I can only do one thing in my studio at a time so will have to be done with the paint so I can put it away.

On Monday I usually look forward to tomorrow's hike but my mind is only on my friend. Today's music is for her. And The Healing Has Begun and The Healing Game both by Van Morrison come to mind first. I already have The Healing Game up so here's another Van classic, Did You Get Healed. This is from his Live In Montreaux 1990 bootleg.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I've been watching blackbirds gathering like this all week. I've been watching them for a month but this week they are tending to their migration in a much more serious way. They've been hanging out in the pastures behind my house all week. The largest meeting I've ever seen had gathered one day this week but I haven't seen one that big again. I know where there are other big groupings in the neighbourhood and I'd say there will be only a couple more practice runs and they will be gone.

I had a nice day in town yesterday but didn't get all my errands finished so have to go in again sometime next week. I don't really like going into town so often so that's kind of a pain. And with gas prices so high......

Music: I started this blog early and am getting back to it late - busy, busy - so have not thought about music. My son will be here in an hour for supper. Yikes! I'm just going to close my eyes and grab the first thing I come to. I've never done that here before. Ok, I got Michelle Shocked doing a live song, The Quality of Mercy, and Eryka Badu with Back In the Day. That was fun but I like choosing the songs more carefully. My son is here asking me if he can turn the oven on. He's hungry and I'm rushed. Someone talk to that boy, please.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

All The Way to Cardigan To Get a Little Seed

Picked up my car last night. Though I was $175.02 poorer, I had a wonderful outing today. I had errands and needed bird seed and picked up a friend who needed some too. Off to the feed store in Cardigan. This little village has a river running through it and a small marina. It was famous when I moved out to the country for being the closest liquor store. The local Cardigan area band - guys my age and friends of mine, wrote a well known PEI song called All the Way to Cardigan to Get a Case of Beer. Everyone of a certain age and their kids, who are all friends too, know this song on PEI. The photo above is from the marina. It's of the only boat not put away. Got some nice photos which will be around on the other blogs - see side bar.

We are to have one more warm 15 degree day then a cold front is coming to visit and will likely stay. I'm getting out to walk as much as possible in the next day. You can always join me on a walk. Just come to the new blog, An Island Walk. Just in case no one knows about that. Oops, read back and see I have shameless self promotion on both paragraphs. What's a girl to do?

I'd love to have a copy of the Rubber Boot Band and All the Way to Cardigan and I'll actually try to find out if anyone has one. But for now, I don't. I do have the shortest song in my music files uploaded today. That song is Dirty Old Town by Ewan MacColl. Also today, Run Myself Out of Town by the Holmes Brothers. All in honour of tomorrow being a town day.

Just realized I didn't say that my seed was not available. Every kind was present except for black oil which I use exclusively. My friend was able to get hers. Supposedly it is available but at an extremely high price of $30. per large bag. It's usually $15. The feed store is not going to order it at that high price. Time to go.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I had a nice walk in the local woods today and did a favor for my sis-in-law at the same time. I'd say no one has walked the trail since the big winds we've had over the last couple of weeks. There was deadfall everywhere across the path. My sis-in-law skis this trail and if we'd had snow over all that, you would never be able to ski over it. The only tree I couldn't remove myself is pictured above and you can duck down and ski under it if it doesn't manage to get removed. There are several dead trees with holes where birds make their homes and nests and a lot of them managed to stay up. That's good.

I had planned to walk to the beach but the tide was in. We had a north wind which isn't the best wind for walking to the beach so when the tide managed to be in that sealed the deal.

I just called about my car and it is just being looked at now. It feels strange not to have a car in the yard. I have no where I have to go and I can get rides if I do have to go somewhere so it's not that. It just feels a little scary not to have your car available. It certainly means security and freedom to me.

I love this Ruthie Foster song and uploaded it before has disappeared. really isn't about fallen trees but the title can make us pretend. Her song, To The FallenHarder Than The Fall isn't about trees either but it's by Ruthie Foster and that's reason enough to listen to it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Snows and Woes

We are having our first wintery weather. It snowed an inch, turned to rain and it seems to have stopped with a half inch still on the ground. It was supposed to turn to freezing rain but we may have missed that step in the bad weather.

I went on a short walk today and not my usual Tuesday hike. I am having car problems once again and the car had to be taken to the shop. I had to get a ride home with a friend before the forecast freezing rain. The walk was to a lovely spot. It is a bird sanctuary with a series of pretty ponds and a dam. Very nice except that it was snowing quite hard so visibility was not great.

The car is probably going to be expensive as the mechanic thinks it is the starter and there's something specific about Toyota starters that make them so. Oh, dear! Everything is starting to break down in this car but what can you do? You Roll With the Punches. That's what Randy Newman says. You could also buy a new car. Geoff and Maria Muldaur say to get a Chevrolet but I kind of like my Toyota. Funny that I sent you to a website yesterday to hear Geoff and Maria Muldaur not knowing I would be playing them today.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday Monday

I'm listening to some great music on another blog right now so should give it a shout out. I've pointed you here before, to Keep the Coffee Coming, where like here, there are two songs a day. Not like me, a slacker, Kat has four songs on the weekends, she doesn't miss a day, and she's a great writer. I've checked in every day for a couple of years. It's like an old friend. Here's the post of the song I'm listening to and here's a link to the blog. When I fix up my sidebar.....

The weather is not nice today so I didn't walk. Didn't dance either. I'm always tired on Monday after Sunday's shift. Cooked, cleaned, did laundry - Monday stuff. These are the cold, windy days of November. It's too sudden after the wonderful unseasonable weather we've had. Brrr.

I'm going to have a four song day today after all. I was looking for a certain song with Sunday in the title. I found it and three others. Two were up on Page One previously, but have been removed. They were popular too, as both artists do a great job of this song. Here's Sunday Morning Coming Down by Johnny Cash and by Kris Kristofferson & Steve Earl. Also, Working Sunday, by Dorado which is what I was looking for for this post and Sunday Morning by K-os.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weathery Weekend

Blueberry Field in November

Here it is another Saturday and we're awaiting a storm. Last week it was post hurricane Noel and today a Nor-easter is expected. I will get some water ready in case we lose the power again and I have food and a stove so I'm all set. It's just a bit of weather.

I've been trying to get rid of some files. The photos are easy enough but the music is darned near impossible. I am strict enough when I first get music that if I don't like it I don't keep it which means I like everything I have. Once in a great while after several listens to something I can let it go but this doesn't happen all that often. I backup every month or so on an external hard drive so they're safe but it seems things are slowing down when I have multiple windows open so it would be nice to have some more something. I'm not sure if it's room on the hard drive.

For music I have cuts from Atlantic Canada to share. Shaye is a group of three women. Tara MacLean is from PEI and is Brody's (who is linked on the side) cousin. Kim Stockwood and Damhnait Doyle are Newfoundlanders. They formed a group and made their debut album in 2003. Sinead Lohen's song, No Mermaid was a cover on that first release. Here is Shay's version and Sinead's which was already up. Jenn Grant is another Prince Edward Islander with a song or two. Here is Rainy Day for the expected weather.

Friday, November 09, 2007


Well, I have a tale to tell. I was lost in the woods yesterday with a friend. We were on her land so she knew that we would come out eventually somewhere recognizable but it was scary. My friend has a serious heart condition and she was very, very tired - extremely tired. I was never so glad to come out of the woods. We had walked through swamps so our feet were soaked and I thought that pretty soon she wouldn't be able to go any further. We did get to see her beaver pond of which a beaver run is pictured above.

This is the same friend who went into quicksand last week. She always has adventures like that she says. Hard for someone like me who does not like unplanned events to take place to that extreme. Lost in the woods!

I had planned a walk to the beach today but needed a day at home. I have a beef stew cooking and it smells wonderful. I was invited to a dinner and an overnight at a friend's but have bowed out gracefully. Don't feel like having a tired day tomorrow. I want to take that walk to the beach. It is forecast that Sunday is bringing another severe storm.

A song I really like and have already put up is Walk Around the Lake by the band Lost In the Trees. Out of the Woods by Sinead Lohan is a song already have in the music pages as well. They both have appropriate titles for today's post. For new ones today it's Martha Wainwright with Whither Must I Wander and good old Tom Waits with A Sight For Sore Eyes from his 2001 album, Used Songs 1973 - 1990. Tom always has an appropriate song.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wearing Out the Shoe Leather

The pasture at my friend's house has sustained hurricane damage. The apple tree has been toppled. My friend said they were certainly wishing for a camera the next day. A large number of cows were gathered all around in a circle looking at it and assessing the damage. Photo worthy indeed!

I figured out the pedometer/mileage question. It is five miles not kilometers that 10,000 steps measures. That is equal to eight kilometers and that makes sense. In sixty-one steps I'll have reached that magic number for today. I did serious housework and laundry this morning and some serious walking in the afternoon. Endorphens are swirling around. I have another outing planned for one day this week to hike new trails that are promised to be fabulous.

For walking you need shoes. You can find shoes in music. Patty Griffin brings us Burgundy Shoes and Lori McKenna has Ruby's Shoes. Both very, very nice songs. Cool that both shoe songs have shades of the colour red in their titles too.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Play Myself

I didn't realize I had passed the milestone of 500 posts on this blog. This is 504. It would have been the same time as my one year on Shutterchance last week. Blogger has been experiencing problems in the photo upload department for the last couple of weeks. It seems I can't upload one now. There is a scheduled outage tonight and perhaps it will be fixed. Until then I'll try again, hopefully not in vain.

While on our hike today, we encountered a few trees down from the wind on the weekend. Nothing we couldn't get by or over. It was a really beautiful morning for walking. Even though the walk is 5.4 km it is only 8000 steps with the pedometer I'm using. I had understood 10,000 steps was 5 km. I'm not sure how to determine whether I should change the stride length. I would assume I have a medium stride and that's what it's set for. What other reason would 5.4 km. equal only 8000 steps? No matter how many steps, the hills we climb are a great workout.

I haven't given a lot of thought to the music today. I've written nothing about movies but that's the theme for the music today. Here art the Great Lake Swimmers with Moving Pictures Silent Film and Tim Seely with On Film I Play Myself from his album Funeral Music.

Monday, November 05, 2007


I had an appointment in town today and forgot my camera at home so didn't get any storm photos. There were trees down here and there but not as many as after Hurricane Juan. There was part of a roof and part of a wall blown off a barn that looked as though they were ready to blow off anyway. One poplar about 6 -7 inches in diameter broke here on my property and there are a few small branches about but that's it. Came through fine.

We lost our power during the night and it remained out till ten after one in the afternoon. I went to work then. Luckily I have a propane campstove so could boil water for coffee and sponge bathing. I learned during Hurricane Juan to have a day's coffee already ground and stored in the freezer. It's very frustrating to be able to make coffee and have nothing but unground beans.

Tomorrow is hiking day and I'm quite anxious to get out. The weather is to be cooler this week so it's wonderful for fast walking. The photo above is the one I had taken just before my friend fell into the sinkhole. I had passed by the spot where she got sucked in before she came down so am very lucky it didn't happen to me. I might have cried rather than laugh like she did. She has property with beaver ponds so I'm going to walk her property with her later in the week.

I haven't put up any Gotan Project for a while. Here's Una Musica Brutal from the album La Revancha Del Tango and from the album Lunatico, here's Amor Porteno which also features Calexico, another band I love. Every playlist should have one of Gotan Project's songs.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tropical Storm Watch

We are on tropical storm watch as we have been downgrades from a hurricane. Parts of the Maritimes will be getting winds of 150 km per hour. Those are some pretty fierce winds. My deck is naked and looks so strange. My sis-in-law helped me move the trays of rocks off to the barn and my son is here now to help me with the rest. The barbecue is next. I usually only clear the deck at the first sign of snow so it's a bit early to be staring at a bare deck.

I have a staff meeting in a while and don't know how long it will last so am posting early. When I come back, I'll be cooking supper for the boy and I. He likes his mama's cooking.

I don't know how many versions of Stormy Weather I have. It's an old American standard that I really like. I can not believe there are none up thus far but I'll remedy that. Here's a girl version and a boy version. Dinah Washington or Willie Nelson. I believe Leon Russell is playing piano in Willie's version.Which one do you like? If neither appeal to you I have many more.
I just discovered I have uploaded both of these versions to Page One. I must investigate if they are still reachable through the page.

Friday, November 02, 2007

A November Hurricane

Hurricane Noel is heading to the east coast. Cape Breton, the western part of Nova Scotia that we see from our eastern shores is getting the brunt but we have just a narrow strait between us so we are going to get hit with a wallop. I was out stripping the deck this afternoon. There are hundreds of rocks on the deck and they can make pretty deadly missiles when the winds are over 100 km per hour. That is what is predicted. I would say we will lose our electricity so I must remember to unplug the electronics. I find we often get some vicious storms in November though not usually hurricanes.

I took my elderly friend to see the rescued horses today. He loves horses and these ones are beauts so it was time he saw them. I also took him up and down the hills that I walk in an attempt to show him why I go there. It is kind of an issue with him. He can't imagine why I drive 50 km in a round trip to walk in the woods when there are perfectly good woods around here. My sister-in-law stirs it all up with him. She said to him one day, "I've just come from the woods with Cuidado. I wanted to show her that she doesn't have to drive to find woods. We have perfectly good ones around here." Ha Ha Ha. He was then convinced he was right and that I should stay here so has been bugging me about it. Now after the drive today he is ok. He couldn't believe we had hills that steep on PEI. It's all so funny to sis-in-law and I. She actually has been out to those woods with me but she loves to have a good time so is getting it through lighting that fire under my old friend.

He had quite a laugh when I told him about the sinkhole incident yesterday. He is a relative of the woman who got sucked into the mud so could picture it all quite well.

Today for music is the very nice instrumental, I've Always Loved the Fall by the band, Lost In the Trees. I love the cello in the beginning. I say let's bring this weather on. Here's Hurricane by Alicia Wiley. Ha! An Alicia two days in a row.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


The woman pictured above is walking into the Morell river to wash her feet, legs, pants, arms and shoes after a freak incident. We were walking on a beach and one of her legs fell into a sinkhole of quicksand. It was up to her thigh. She had a really hard time getting her leg out and once she did, her shoe stayed in so she had to reach in as far as her arms could go to retrieve the shoe. You can imagine what a mess she was. She washed first in the river then we went to a restaurant where she washed more thoroughly in a bathroom.

She has a wonderful sense of humour, luckily, and she and I and the other friend with us would burst into spontaneous laughter every time we would think of it. She was very lucky to have not gotten hurt as a similar incident happened with my mother-in-law a few years ago and she severely injured her knee. She was in a cast for months. We're also lucky that on November first, the weather was warm enough for someone to be able to wash off in a river.

We drove to the St. Peters/Morell area for a day of sightseeing and shopping at a big yearly craft blow-out sale. We had lots of fun with so much fun and laughter. We caused smiles wherever we went because due to the dirt on her clothing, my friend felt she had to explain. The laughter would begin anew.

Fallin' by Alicia Keys is my first pick for a song today. An old Dylan song sung by the Byrds, You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, is song number two. Both come to mind when I think of my friend in the quicksand. I'm just so glad she wasn't hurt; only her pride was a bit bruised.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween 2007

I love this photo of Kenz taken two years ago. It was scanned in low resolution so is not great from that respect but the pose is pure Kenz.

I had a regular sized pumpkin on my Shutterchance blog today and some commented that they'd never seen pumpkins so big. It was smaller than the one behind Kenz. I happened to have taken some photos of a giant pumpkin this afternoon in front of a grocery store. I made a post on a blog I use for photo challenges and linked to it for the people who had never seen a big pumpkin. This pumpkin is on a standard pallet and I asked a man who was walking into the grocery store to pose to further show scale. It's not the biggest one I've seen but it's pretty big. Here's the link.

It's been an incredibly busy day in that I'm just getting to this now. I've run lots of errands and completed lots of jobs. That's a good feeling. I had a problem with my car checked out and have to listen for this and that tomorrow. Oh, oh...I'm not very good at car diagnosis or even listening for errant sounds.

There is so much great music on Lonely Girls. I'm not finished with it yet. Today it's Norah Jones with Don't Miss You At All. Harry Manx is contributing too, with Don't Forget to Miss Me. Love that Harry Manx!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A New Blog

I'm cured as I thought I would be. I have a super immune system and can fight most bugs off very quickly. Several people now have told me of these various bugs going around and I hope they stay away from me as I'm certainly going to try to stay away from them.

I started a new blog today called An Island Walk. I wanted A Walk in the Woods but it was taken. An Island Walk gives me more options too. I can use beach photos. It will be three photos and three songs a day...... another reason to keep walking. Today's hike was only an hour as my walking partner had an appointment to keep. I canceled my afternoon walk as we had a little shower at the end of the morning and I thought they would continue. There is always tomorrow.

More music from the Lonely Days playlist. I have it down to over five hours now from the original over seven. Today is Beck with Go It Alone and How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away by the always wonderful, Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks. The subject of lonely certainly did not limit me to sad songs. These two are lively and full of great rhythms Have a listen.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Death or Cure?

I'm a little under the weather. Right after I came home from work last night I felt a sore throat and this morning have an earache and a gastro-intestinal bug. Work with the public....oh, joy! I'm healthy and fight most bugs off. I think that's what will happen here.

The weather is cold suddenly. It's four degrees. It was expected but it's still a shock after such warm weather. I didn't wear my sweater home last night it was so warm. The furnace is on and I haven't been out. I had plans to go on a hike but we canceled because of my illness. We scheduled it for the afternoon as I have another one planned for ten....the big, every week hike. I'll be tired tomorrow night I'm sure but it will get that required amount of exercise in.

Today, I read nearly a whole book. I lay on the couch, wrapped in a blanket with the cats coming by for occasional pats. I'm sure it will work. If I need medicine I'll get it in the form of Old Crow Medicine Show. Here's I Hear Them All and the little and live, God's Got It. Yes, that's good medicine. Note to my sister: It's country of some kind. I'm never good at classifying. You might like it. I really love this one that I put up in August. I play it a lot.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Horsing Around

My son just left in a quandry. He is going to a Halloween party and has no costume. He's been to the stores, his friend got something but he just couldn't find anything. I gave him one suggestion and the props to go with it but that didn't satisfy him so they've just had supper and are off to try to figure something out.

My daughter in Calgary is going to a party too and was out buying costumes last night. I didn't talk to her after she got one. Maybe when I'm finished here I'll give her a call its just the afternoon there.

I had a friend over for the afternoon. We did some gardening things - dividing plants, planting this year's spent mums and things like that. I have a lot more to do yet.

I've been listening to the Lonely Days playlist every time I'm on the computer since I made it the other day. I keep playing one song at least twice per session.. It is such a truthful, brave song for the writer to write. I love it. I like emotional ballads, you've probably figured out by now. Here's Colin Hay with I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You. Amazing song! How long has it been since I played a Bob Dylan song? Too long. Here's one of the best - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight. Ha. I just looked. I last put up a Dylan song on the 16th.

Friday, October 26, 2007


I didn't post yesterday as I was invited to a dinner party, then a 40th birthday party and had to run a few errands and voila, not home at posting time.

Even after I posted the day before that I had taken a break from walking, I ended up doing a one km. walk after supper but took a real break yesterday and didn't walk other than parties and errands. I worked a couple of hours today and will walk tomorrow - maybe.

Saw a friend's five month old baby girl last night and my daughter's friend's three month old today. It's fun seeing new babies. I didn't get to hold either but the one today was contented, smiling and gurgling and being passed around to family members quite happily. Little Bella (named after my cat I say) last night was almost asleep, then asleep, then hungrily awake.

Music today is for how I feel. I'm just glad I have chowder left for tonight's supper. Here's Lazy Bones by Leon Redbone. To stress how lazy feeling I am I'll stick with the band, Redbone, for the next song. Here' s the old seventies hit, The Witch Queen of New Orleans.