Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I had a nice walk in the local woods today and did a favor for my sis-in-law at the same time. I'd say no one has walked the trail since the big winds we've had over the last couple of weeks. There was deadfall everywhere across the path. My sis-in-law skis this trail and if we'd had snow over all that, you would never be able to ski over it. The only tree I couldn't remove myself is pictured above and you can duck down and ski under it if it doesn't manage to get removed. There are several dead trees with holes where birds make their homes and nests and a lot of them managed to stay up. That's good.

I had planned to walk to the beach but the tide was in. We had a north wind which isn't the best wind for walking to the beach so when the tide managed to be in that sealed the deal.

I just called about my car and it is just being looked at now. It feels strange not to have a car in the yard. I have no where I have to go and I can get rides if I do have to go somewhere so it's not that. It just feels a little scary not to have your car available. It certainly means security and freedom to me.

I love this Ruthie Foster song and uploaded it before has disappeared. really isn't about fallen trees but the title can make us pretend. Her song, To The FallenHarder Than The Fall isn't about trees either but it's by Ruthie Foster and that's reason enough to listen to it.


Anonymous said...

We just booked Dad and Bertie for their flights. We have them coming on July 23rd till Aug 5th. Can't wait for him to see all the big trees and all the bears.

Cuidado said...

I hadn't heard they were going out there. That's pretty exciting! He has been to BC before you know.

Ocean said...

I am pretty excited he is coming out this way, I might have to go and visit you too Steve!!!!!