Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wearing Out the Shoe Leather

The pasture at my friend's house has sustained hurricane damage. The apple tree has been toppled. My friend said they were certainly wishing for a camera the next day. A large number of cows were gathered all around in a circle looking at it and assessing the damage. Photo worthy indeed!

I figured out the pedometer/mileage question. It is five miles not kilometers that 10,000 steps measures. That is equal to eight kilometers and that makes sense. In sixty-one steps I'll have reached that magic number for today. I did serious housework and laundry this morning and some serious walking in the afternoon. Endorphens are swirling around. I have another outing planned for one day this week to hike new trails that are promised to be fabulous.

For walking you need shoes. You can find shoes in music. Patty Griffin brings us Burgundy Shoes and Lori McKenna has Ruby's Shoes. Both very, very nice songs. Cool that both shoe songs have shades of the colour red in their titles too.

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