Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Best Ballads

My Fingerprint

Had a quiet day but it hadn't been planned that way. I had offered to help someone with some computer stuff but she didn't show up. I hung around thinking that she was late but shouldn't have. Being late or not showing up for something really irks me. It shows disrespect. I had asked her to call me if she couldn't come but she didn't. I haven't seen my elderly friend for two weeks and gave up seeing him to make this happen.

I'm making a couple of cd's for someone and a couple for someone else and am busy with that. One has an easy listening, romantic ballad sort of theme so that's the music I have for you today. There's A Kiss To Build A Dream On by kd lang and Tony Bennett as well as They Can"t Take That Away From Me by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Both of these duets are superb. The second would be considered a classic. The first will be one day. Tony Bennett had some pretty fine things about kd lang....nothing I've not said though. There is no voice like hers.

These have to be the longest song names/singers names combination ever to have to type so many times. Whew!

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