Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Land of Dunes

This south shore dweller got a trip up to the north shore dunes yesterday. Went to the beach at several spots between Morell and Lakeside. There are some beautiful properties in that area and some pretty fine 'cottages'. See above photo. The day was cold, windy and grey again. It seems every time I've gone out on these jaunts with my friend, the weather has been cold, windy, and grey. The great thing is that neither of us really mind the weather but it would be nice to get some photos with a blue sky. Everyone that is not accustomed to the island will think the sun never shines.

I can say this here. The grandchildren can't read and the parents know. I just finished packing the grandkid's presents to mail. They are very large ceramic piggy banks that I bought before I thought about how to get them 1300 miles away. I personalized them with paint and have just prepared them for the mail. I'm pretty confident about the packing but you can never be sure. I packed glass for the mail for years without any breakage. The only breakage occurred with a window for Newfoundland, packed and crated by a professional packer who came good for it. I had to make the window again, which I hadn't planned when buying the glass for the first one. A pain all around!

Page One is down to fifty-nine songs - I think. Started at five hundred. It makes me realize how much is missing that I have to replace so it frees up even thinking of new - I'm just replacing old for awhile. In honour of a trip to the dunes here's There Are Places I Remember by the Beatles and for the photo trips I've had lately it's Dylan with a live version from Belgium in 1998 of Blowin In the Wind. Essential don't you think?

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