Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rainy Hike

Today's hike was done in the rain. At times it was a drizzle and at times it was steady rain. A half hour before we went out it was really pouring and we expected that it might do so again but we were spared. It was lovely. I can't say rain has ever hurt me - just left me in varying degrees of wetness. I've always loved rain and walking in it but don't like rain for long periods. I have a brother who lives in coastal BC where it rains a lot. I could not live there as it is too encompassing of your whole being.

It is fourteen degrees today and is going to be minus one tomorrow and minus four the next day. A big change. Flus and colds are blamed on changing weather like that but I'm not convinced. There is talk of snow flurries tomorrow too. I hope it is just flurries because I don't get my snow tires on till Thursday.

I've lots of rain songs to choose from - hundreds really. A couple for today are The Sky Is Crying with Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble for the blues fans and fans of Stevie's fabulous guitar style. Beauty of the Rain by Dar Williams is the second song. It describes my sentiment.

Today's photo is of Kayla, one of my wet hiking partners.

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