Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday Monday

I'm listening to some great music on another blog right now so should give it a shout out. I've pointed you here before, to Keep the Coffee Coming, where like here, there are two songs a day. Not like me, a slacker, Kat has four songs on the weekends, she doesn't miss a day, and she's a great writer. I've checked in every day for a couple of years. It's like an old friend. Here's the post of the song I'm listening to and here's a link to the blog. When I fix up my sidebar.....

The weather is not nice today so I didn't walk. Didn't dance either. I'm always tired on Monday after Sunday's shift. Cooked, cleaned, did laundry - Monday stuff. These are the cold, windy days of November. It's too sudden after the wonderful unseasonable weather we've had. Brrr.

I'm going to have a four song day today after all. I was looking for a certain song with Sunday in the title. I found it and three others. Two were up on Page One previously, but have been removed. They were popular too, as both artists do a great job of this song. Here's Sunday Morning Coming Down by Johnny Cash and by Kris Kristofferson & Steve Earl. Also, Working Sunday, by Dorado which is what I was looking for for this post and Sunday Morning by K-os.


Ocean said...

love you mom!!

Cuidado said...

Love you too, Darling.