Friday, November 30, 2007

Wild Wind

Had a great outing today and got lots of nice shots. However, it was cold and blowing a real gale. The water has whitecaps through most of the photos. We were at the Roma Settlement in Brudenell. I've linked a Georgetown area history which includes Roma in Brudenell and the other Acadians. I had planned to go to their big Fete in September but it was the same night as my friend's 50th birthday party, where I went instead. It was also supposed to be the first day on my new job but I got the day off and started the next. My friend got a real chill today so we passed up on another site we were going to visit and will go there on Monday.

Had our staff party yesterday. We had the Christmas Buffet at the best room at the Culinary Institute. It was really fabulous with lots of superb service and special treatment because my boss is a student in the building. Oddly, there were no main entrees cooked without garlic and I am not able to have any. My first choice was poached salmon and it was in a garlic sauce so they were very soon able to get me some plain poached salmon before it touched the garlic. It was heavenly. Desserts to die for too. There was this chocolate cheesecake......

I'll put up some more missing music. Sugar by Nina Simone fits after the last paragraph and for the first paragraph her Wild Is The Wind is also a fit.

We are getting some snow. Two or three cm. over night and ten tomorrow night. It will all be accompanied by heavy winds. Yeah that I got my snow tires on yesterday. The landscape will certainly change then.

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