Saturday, December 01, 2007

Freak Snowstorm

We are in the midst of a snow storm. It was supposed to snow overnight, be fine today and snow again tonight. It's been snowing since I got up this morning and the wind came up this afternoon so it's a real blizzard out there. There are at least ten cm. down and maybe more. It's hard to tell with the drifting. I need milk and may not be getting any.

It's snowing in Calgary today too. My daughter's birthday is Monday and her room mate's is today. They are having a birthday party tonight in a local bar. I believe it's walking distance so the snow shouldn't affect them.

Back to essential music. Today is the later version of Both Sides Now. I cried the first few times I heard this version. It was meant to be sung by a mature woman and is my favorite Joni song. I'm adding to the versions of Stormy Weather today too. Joni does a fine job of this standard and joins Willie Nelson , Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughan.


Ekim said...

Happy Birthday to daughter and daughter's room-mate. I would sing but that would ruin the day for them.

Cuidado said...

I'm sure they will be doing some singing tonight. They're hoping they don't get thrown out of their apt.

The Dirty Brownster said...

You can add Waterloo to 'places it's stormy'. We got fifteen or twenty CMs Sat night, mix of snow and rain Sunday, freezing rain Sunday night, and will get another ten CMs today. K get's his first 'snow-day' off school today. While I would give my right nut for an extra day-off, he was pretty pissed. While shovelling with S yesterday morning, she observed 'we are the only people in this community without a show-blower -- is that a bad omen?'. Yes - yes it is.

Cuidado said...

You and S will get lots of exercise and fresh air without the snow blower. Lots of together time. i'd suggest buying some child size shovels too. Remember yours?

Anonymous said...

I sure do. It's funny you mention that because we have one child-sized shovel, but two child-sized family members. Apparently the other day a pretty big battle ensued over who could be using the shovel.