Friday, December 14, 2007

Where There's Smoke.....

I have a ninety something year old friend who I visit quite often in the nursing home where he lives. He has all his wits about him but does get a little mixed every once in a while. This afternoon while I was visiting he said, "Did I show you my horse?" I immediately got a little oh, oh feeling thinking that he was having a mixed up moment.

I said, "What do you mean"?

He said, "Come on downstairs and I'll show you my horse".

I was a bit concerned but decided to play along and off we went on our slow little trip with him using his walker. We took an elevator and went into a big common room and over in the corner was indeed a horse. It was a mechanical pony probably three feet high. It moves it's head, it's mouth, wags it's tail, munches on a carrot and neighs and makes other horse sounds.

The joke was on me. I'm sure he knew what I was thinking and got the last laugh.

I went to a function last night where we had a bit of an adventure. Someone put one of those fake chemical-sawdust logs in the fireplace and the draft or baffle would not open. The whole building filled with smoke. A bunch of guys tried to fix things but the draft could not be moved. Someone got the bright idea to take the log outside with a shovel. As soon as they touched it, the log fell into a million pieces and could not be picked up. They ended up bringing buckets of snow inside and smothering the log that way. The smoke then turned to steam. It was a mess and I had some pretty smelly clothes to deal with this morning.

Music: A link from the past. This was the first song on a cd I put on today while painting. It goes with the last paragraph too. It's Swati with Bruce Springsteen's I'm On Fire. You can find other versions of this song that I've already put up with a simple search at the top left of the page. New today are songs from Van Morrison. I am so looking forward to seeing my daughter and these Van songs, Someone Like You and Contacting My Angel, remind me of her. Someone Like You is such a great song. No one will ever do a better version. Van Morrison owns it through and through.

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Anonymous said...

You must have smelled like a dirty old smoker again!!!