Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yes, It's Cold

It's cold today. It was windy but sunny, meaning we missed the piles of snow that were forecast. Fine with me. We have enough. It was so sunny that it looked very inviting for walking. I went out and shoveled and after a short while, knew I'd not be walking. Too cold.

I'm going away for a few days. My daughter is flying into another airport than our own and needs to be picked up. I'm going to go a couple of days early and visit an old friend. Then my daughter and I are going to visit my dad for a few days. My daughter wants to make stew for him. I don't like traveling at this time of year but don't have much choice.

Essential music again and a song that's fitting for today in that it's cold and I'm thinking of my daughter. I still have one version on Page One that is one of the fifty-eight out of five hundred that was not removed. It's one of the best too and probably the most well known. The song is Baby, It's Cold Outside. It's my daughter's favorite version. The version still on Page One is from Betty Carter and Ray Charles. I'm not going to replace removed versions but add two that have not been posted here before. One is from Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton. The other is from Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordon.

I just realized I am missing a really great version on my computer that I consider essential. I have it on cd but not on the computer. It's Ella and Sarah Vaughan's version with Sarah doing the 'man's' part as there would have to be a man in the forties. There couldn't be two woman. I have nine versions on the computer so I will be happy with that for now.

Page two is 400 songs as of today so I will be skipping back to Page One and be re-starting there with song 59. I know it's confusing but it's not how it was planned. I didn't know that Putfile would be removing over 500 songs. I still am never sure if a song is going to be there. It will all work out.


Anonymous said...

I have your snowshoe harnesses waiting by the door waitigg for ya.


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